7 Best Plants for Cleaning Indoor Air

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Well, you may think the outdoors can be pretty polluted sometimes, but actually, most homes suffer from the pollution indoor. Just consider the pollutants residing in your home on an average day due to cooking, bathroom plus all the manufactured cleaning products like air fresheners, insecticides, plastics, and many others that we use to try and rid our home of all these pollutants we use. In fact, indoor pollution has been measured at more than twelve times what outdoor pollution can be, and picture its impact on us breathing all this in, plus damage to our skin.

The great news is that relief is at the end because numerous studies have shown that normal indoor plants will rid your home of pollutants and smells quicker and more naturally than any of those horrible chemical-based air fresheners that you’ll purchase at your supermarket.

Other researches have also shown that not only are indoor plants, natural enemies, to synthetic pollutants, but they are also a natural way of enhancing humidity in your home, so in winter months, you’re not going to burn up so much energy with all those heaters you must leave on.

So what are the best indoor plants to use for clean air?

  1. Devil’s Ivy or pothos (Epipremnum aureum): Also known as golden pothos or pothos, devil’s Ivy is simple to mount indoor houseplant that will attack household toxins. It adds vibrant instant color to any room with cascading tendrils and grows well in pots, water, and even hanging baskets. 
  2. The Areca Palm: The Areca Palm releases a lot of moisture into the home air and is top of the list to remove toxins. iThe Areca Palm s a species of flowering plant in the family Arecaceae/
  3. Rubber Plant: You can easily grow rubber plants under low light and milder temperatures. In addition to being an exciting accent in a room, rubber plants can eliminate airborne toxins and combat parasites and tropical diseases. 
  4. Ficus Alii: Ficus Alii is an easy growing plant, good remover of all pollutants, and extremely resistant to insects. It is a favorite houseplant that purifies the air around you.
  5. Boston Fern: Boston Fern is another great pollutant remover also the best in the bunch for raising humidity levels. As per the recent investigations, Boston ferns were seen to be great at removing a mixture of indoor air pollutants, including xylene, formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, and others.
  6. Chrysanthemums (Chrysanthemum morifolium): Chrysanthemums, also known as mums or disbuds, are not only a fabulous addition to a floral arrangement, but they look superb in your house and are known as one of the best-known air purifiers around. They favor excellent airflow and indirect sunlight.
  7. Dwarf Date Palm: If you plant Dwarf Date Palm at home, it will help remove xylene. It is slower growing but has a longer life. It is good at eliminating all toxins.

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