6 Top Prescreening Tools for Recruiting Agencies

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Technology has transformed many aspects of life, often for the better. Today, you can do quite a lot from the comfort of your home. 

If you are looking to hire new employees, you don’t have to schedule physical interviews to assess your potential hires. You can use prescreening tools to evaluate the applicants’ level of skills remotely. They are advantageous because:

  • They help you to reduce the in-person interview steps
  • They help you to get a sense of what your applicant is beforehand
  • They allow you to narrow down your candidates’ selection easily
  • They save you time


Applied is used by employers to interview their candidates and assess them objectively. As an employer, you are only allowed to set specific questions for the candidates. The suitability of the candidates for your organization is then gauged based on their responses.

You can also assess the responses using a “sift process.” This tool helps you to pick out candidates solely based on their performances. The objective tests ultimately help you hire the best people for your company.


AkkenCloud provides an All-In-One platform to the Staffing and Recruiting firms. It includes starting from posting a job to your website and distributing to various job boards, and having applicants come straight into its ATS. It contains advanced searching tools for you to shortlist candidates and communicate with them through email and texting. An integrated video interviewing allows you to set up live interviews or one-way interviews for candidates to record at their convenience. It also has integrations into various platforms for skills assessment, background checking, and eVerify.

Bottom Line

If you want to have an easy time hiring new employees, you should consider using prescreening tools. You can start with any of the tools on this list, and you will not regret it.

Criteria Corp

Criteria Corp helps you make informed hiring decisions by multiple tests. They include personality tests and skill tests. A personality test helps you determine your applicants’ temperaments. You can use the results to decide if they are a good fit for your business. 

You can conduct background checks using this tool. They help you discern the character of your applicant and avoid hiring people of questionable character.

 A great feature of this tool is that it allows you to create your questions if you wish. Customizing the test certainly makes for a more revealing pre-interview. 


eSkill offers you the platform to give online assessments and online tests, improving the process of selecting your candidates. All the assessments are either subject-based or job-based. This way, it is easier to pick out your candidates as they apply for specific positions.

As an employer, you have the opportunity to custom-build your tests and assessments. You can customize your tests according to the career and the roles in the industry. 


Hackerrank is a popular platform among tech experts because it helps them evaluate a developer’s skills. Not only that, but it also provides users with coding classes, which allows them to improve their skills. 


Hirevue is one of the most popular prescreening tools globally. The platform allows you to conduct interviews virtually. 

One of the best things about this app is that it allows applicants to practice for the interviews beforehand. The pre-interviews are the next to actual life interviews and offer an excellent opportunity to practice for the assessment.

The candidates have limited time to answer the questions. Once you give your answers to the questions, you are not allowed to change them. You are also given a chance to practice before the actual interview, so you need not worry.

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