6 Leadership Lessons from Justin Trudeau

There are world leaders across the globe but there are some that stand out and are in a class of their own. This can be because of charisma, humane leadership, and other sterling qualities. Justin Trudeau, the 23rd and current Prime Minister of Canada is one of such. Anyone who pays close attention to Justin Trudeau will see that he is an excellent leader. Below are six leadership lessons from him that everyone can imbibe. 

  1. Compassion: It is not a surprise that when millions of people think of Trudeau, they see an embodiment of humanity and compassion. This is because he does everything possible to promote peace and understanding among human beings. He never discriminates and he makes it clear that Canada is home for all. His well-publicized visit to India saw him paying a visit to the Golden Temple alongside his family members. This did not only win him a lot of love and support from the massive Sikh community in India but also showed the humane side of the Canadian leader. He is always preaching that we should embrace diversity, and this has endeared him to millions.
  2. Humane Character: Canada under Trudeau has become a pacesetter for kindness. As the United States under Donald Trump was busy closing its borders to refugees from Syria who had faced serious devastation in their home country, Trudeau was busy welcoming them with open arms. This is another action that made many adopt him as a true leader. Trudeau is one leader who can see beyond religious, tribal, racial, or cultural differences and focus on what is enormously important – and that is our humanity. 
  3. Authenticity: Anyone will instantly notice that Trudeau never fakes anything, and he is always himself. This shows him as being human just like everyone else. An excellent leader must be genuine and authentic in their thoughts and actions so that they will be able to also win the trust of those who have diverse opinions and thoughts. Even though it is understandable that everyone can’t be on the same page at every time, it is refreshing to know that a leader is always willing to communicate his ideas and thoughts sincerely. This makes it easy for Trudeau to be able to work with different groups and collaborate on getting solutions that work for everyone. There are many lovable traits about Trudeau, but this is one of the absolute best of all. Many find him interesting because one moment he is a teacher, another moment he is a bouncer in a club. This spontaneity is very thrilling for so many people and many have come to agree that this is a trait he picked from his much-loved father, Pierre Trudeau, who was also Prime Minister of Canada. 
  4. Accessibility and Transparency: A first-class leader can get the trust of all the followers and one way by which this can be done is for the leader to be both accessible and transparent. When a leader is accessible and deals with the people in the most transparent way possible, it becomes a lot easier for the leader to become magnetic for the people. That is precisely what Trudeau has been able to master. He is seen as an embodiment of accessibility, honesty, and transparency. 
  5. Integrity: This is one of the greatest assets that any leader can ever have. A good leader does not say one thing and do another thing else; he fulfills his promise and never keeps his followers in suspense. Trudeau is a man and leader who does everything possible to live up to his words. A quick look at the more than 200 promises that he outlined in his election manifesto will reveal that he is truly a man of his promise. Canadians and others outside Canada look up to him and admire him a lot for being able to deliver his promises. 
  6. Team Player: Trudeau might be the most powerful man in Canada, but he is ever ready to work as a team player with everyone else. He is known for quickly establishing teams and collaborating with everyone to reach goals that will be of benefit to everyone. These are qualities that have distinguished Trudeau and it is no surprise that he is always featured on the Forbes List of 100 Most Powerful People in the World. 

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