5 Top-Rated Beach Destinations to Study Spanish

Are you considering devoting yourself to master your Spanish near the beach? Check out this list of the best beach destinations to study Spanish overseas.

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience, everyone one should do it at least once. Living in a foreign country and immersing into another culture gives you a perspective on the world that definitely changes the way you value your own life experiences. When you get out from an environment you feel comfortable in, you should expect a lot of personal growth to happen.

That being said, there are several ways you can study abroad. For instance,  spanish classes barcelona are a popular option because they are often affordable, fun, and do not usually require too much paperwork as a scholarship or an exchange program does. 

Therefore, if your goal is mastering a second language, consider a language school abroad, such as barcelona spanish school. In addition to classes, you will see and do things you would not imagine, and you will have the chance to interact with locals, which will help you to learn the language quickly and efficiently.

Why You Should Learn Spanish

Spanish is the world’s second-most spoken and studied language. If you speak Spanish, you can communicate with almost 500 million people in almost 21 countries. 

Being fluent in Spanish is also a valuable life skill that looks great on your CV, giving you an advantage when applying for jobs in many fields. It also plays a major role in your own personal development, language learning opens your mind to new perspectives and cultures in ways you wouldn’t otherwise.

Studying Spanish Close to the Beach

Spanish courses can take place during the summer, offering a unique opportunity for students to master their language skills while spending a great summer holiday near the beach. 

If you have made the decision to study abroad, you will most likely spend several weeks or months mastering your Spanish, so getting the right destination is the key. While there are many fantastic beach cities where you can study Spanish, here are the top 5 that must definitely be on your list.

Punta del Este, Uruguay – South American Beach Paradise

Located on Uruguay’s southern coast (one of the smallest countries in South America), Punta del Este reeks of cash and cool. Celebrities gather and own houses there, as well as bankers and politicians. However, it is still an ideal destination if you are travelling on a tight budget. Prices for students are very favorable. 

Punta del Este is located in a bay and divides the sea in two different beaches: Mansa and Brava. Mansa has calm waters, soft waves and it is ideal for those who like to enjoy low-intensity water sports, such as windsurfing and swimming. On the other hand, Brava is for those who love adrenaline: the beach is known for its fantastic waves, and it is a boon to surfers.

You can make the most of your stay in Punta del Este by socializing with locals, learning about the country’s history and culture, and enjoying different sports and activities, such as beach volleyball or dance classes on the beach. 

PDE is a popular city for walking, biking, rollerblading, or just hanging out and drinking “mate” (a traditional South American infused drink), but its bars, cinemas, and wide variety of events also give everybody the possibility to enjoy life to the fullest.

The Uruguayans passionate way of living is contagious and once you start to learn about their language, culture, and lifestyle, you will not ever want to stop. The country has been rated as having the best quality of life in Latin America. 

Barcelona, Spain – Art and Innovation

Barcelona is the third most visited city in Europe and the second most populous in Spain. The capital of Catalonia is famous for its breathtaking architecture, delicious gastronomy, sun-soaked beaches, and chilled atmosphere, among other values. 

Barcelona has everything you could possibly want in a study abroad experience. Besides its perfect Mediterranean weather (very mild temperatures and sunshine all year round), the city boasts a number of beautiful beach locations that can suit everyone, whether you are looking simply for a place to relax or you are passionate about watersports and want to feel some adrenaline.

There is an outstanding variety of spanish schools in barcelona, so you can evaluate your budget and availability and choose the one that best fits your goals. 

On the other hand, locals are very friendly and peaceful, so take all the opportunities you can get to speak with them. Look for events to practice your Spanish and be prepared for mistakes and lots of confusion, as they are part of the learning process. 

Be aware that Barcelona is known for high-end tourism, so it might be a little crowded, especially during high season.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – The Jewel of the Mexican Pacific

Located on the pristine Jalisco coast (Pacific Ocean), Puerto Vallarta is in a calm bay surrounded by beautiful beaches. It is one of Mexico’s famous beach destinations, as it boasts over 40 posh tourist-friendly resorts and five-stars hotels. However, there is also a thriving local scene if you look past the tourist areas, and a budget-friendly option to study Spanish.

In Puerto Vallarta you will find more beaches than you can count on two hands, you do not have to look to hard to find them all. However, some of them, such as Playa del Caballo, are hidden gems frequented mostly by locals who come to snorkel the calm waters, or by occasional tourists who have read on a blog how to get there.  

If you are planning to spend holidays in PV (popular nickname for the city), take advantage of the several Spanish language courses to accelerate your language learning progress putting your skills into practice while relaxing in the sun or trying out beach sports. 

Therefore, by studying Spanish at a language school in Puerto Vallarta, the combination of education and a relaxed stay is guaranteed. The town is small and pedestrian-friendly, but it has a few restaurants and pubs for all tastes. 

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