5 Simple Scrapbook Layout Ideas Involving Kids

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If you are excited about scrapbooking and have kids, why not share that excitement with them? Get them directly involved and have them make their own scrapbooks. Take photos throughout the year, and then at least once a year, prepare your scrapbook. You pick the pictures and organize all the supplies you will need. The children can then put it all together on those chilly rainy days. Plus, it’s an excellent way to spend some passionate time together.

  1. Hands: Whether the scrapbooking page is focused on one kid or a group of kids, add some handprints. Prepare some colorfast paints for the kids and have them place their hands in the color and then place them on the paper. The paint must wash off easily, as it will likely end up everywhere, particularly if naughty young kids are involved. Plus, the kids will have to wash the paint off their hands when they are done.
  2. Border Line: If you recently enjoyed a trip to the beach or lived in a coastal region, have the children pick seashells and clean sand while there. When you get back home, print out your favorite pictures. Please place them in a book and let the children glue the sand and seashells on the page to make borders on the corners of the page.
  3. Background Tissue Paper: You can have your kids make their own background using tissue paper. Have them sketch a picture on tissue paper using watercolor paint. Once they are ready, prepare a mixture of one part New Scrappy Glue and one part soft water. Dip the tissue paper into this mix and let it dry. This will make the tissue paper harder, and their picture will be nicely preserved.
  4. Add details using some tape or glue: Need to add some lines and swirls to the page? Let the children make the swirls or lines using home glue. Then, before the glue can dry, add glitter, sand, beads, or anything else that is accessible. This will develop eye-catching details that everyone will love. Hint: Do this first before mixing anything else to the page, as you will want to shake off any additional flitter and sand on the page. If you wish, you can trace outlines of where pictures and other more oversized items will be placed to beads, or glitter won’t be covered.
  5. Let them choose: Not sure what moments you want to capture in your scrapbook? Then let the children decide. Let them choose out the drawings, pictures, stickers, and whatever else they want to add to the scrapbook. Don’t worry about having everything in “the” perfect spot or if it all flows together. Let loose and have fun because creating the album is also an integral part of the memories.

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