5 Reasons Nitrile Gloves Are Every Allergy Sufferers Best Friend

As an allergy sufferer, or someone close to an allergy sufferer, you’ll know how all-consuming a severe allergy can be. It’s hard to imagine how much they can affect your day to day life, until you live with one yourself. Which is why finding different ways to live with your allergies can be an ongoing obsession.

If you have allergies yourself, we’re willing to bet that you’ll have tried a range of medications, as well as preventative equipment – anything to prevent you coming into contact with your allergens and having a bad reaction.

But have you tried disposable nitrile gloves? Let’s take a look at five reasons why they are an allergy sufferers best friend!

They’re naturally hypoallergenic

Nitrile is a hypoallergenic material, meaning that it is incredibly rare and unlikely for nitrile to cause an allergic reaction. Obviously, if you’ve never worn nitrile gloves before it’s wise to tread carefully. We would advise carefully monitoring the skin on your hands before and after your first few wears, just to be on the safe side. But the number of reported nitrile gloves is incredibly low.

They create a protective barrier

Unlike medications, such as antihistamines or topical creams which work to settle your reactions post-contact, disposable gloves create a protective barrier between your skin and any potential allergens. This means you can carry on your day or task without fear of a potential reaction. They’re also ideal as a preventative measure if you’re anxious about a possible allergy to something you haven’t come into contact with before but are concerned you may be allergic to.

They’re affordable

Despite their disposable nature, nitrile gloves worn for contact allergies works out a very affordable way to protect yourself from potential reactions. They tend to come in boxes of 100, so the cost per wear works out pretty cheap!

Protect you from a wide variety of allergens

Because of the protective barrier they create, when wearing nitrile gloves you’ll be protected from a wide range of allergens – even things you weren’t sure you were allergic to yet! Nitrile gloves are resistant to most chemicals too, and are resistant to small snags and tears – so you don’t have to worry about them tearing, exposing your skin.

They’re easy to take everywhere

It’s so easy to stash a pair of disposable gloves into your handbag, in your car, or even at your work desk. They’re small and discrete, and can be folded up small. We’d recommend storing yours in a protective zip-lock plastic bag, such as a poly bag or sandwich bag. That way you’ll prevent them coming into contact with anything which might cause cross contamination.

Whatever it is you’re allergic to, we hope you can now see the benefits of wearing nitrile gloves. Living with allergies doesn’t need to be complicated and anxiety inducing, so long as you’re prepared. Try a pair for yourself, and we’re confident you’ll see why they’re so popular with other allergy sufferers.

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