5 Amazing Benefits of Buying a Sit-Stand Desk

The number of desk jobs in the American economy have gone up roughly 83% since the 1950s. Just 50 years ago, almost half of the jobs in the workforce required physical activity.

Given the prevalence of teleworking, online homeschooling, and Netflix binging, it’s no wonder why we spend so much of our time sitting.

The trouble is, it’s harmful to our health and wellbeing. If you’re tired of spending both your workday and your leisure time sitting down, consider a sit stand desk.

Read on to learn the benefits of a standing desk so you can transform your workday.

1. Lowers Risk of Tech Neck

Tech neck is the slang term that refers to the neck and upper back pain that can come from using technology. When we’re sitting at our desks, we often crane our necks and slouch for long periods of time which can lead to tech neck.

A sit stand desk can help prevent this issue because you’ll change positions more often. Make sure to keep the monitor at eye level and your elbows form right angles anytime you’re typing.

When you’re shopping for the best office furniture, make sure to look for a desk that allows you to adjust your monitor and keyboard height.

2. Improves Your Mood

Researchers have found a connection between depression and lots of time spent sitting. Since a standing desk will get you on your feet throughout the day, it can help boost your mood.

You might even feel like you have more energy and feel less stressed.

3. Boosts Your Productivity

Thanks to a decrease in neck pain and an improved mood, you may find that it’s easier to focus on your work. If you have more energy throughout the day, you might even notice that you’re more productive.

Plus, the routine of moving your desk up and down every half an hour can help. It will feel like a reset button and you’ll feel ready to take on a new task.

It’s also a great reason to try the Pomodoro Technique which breaks the workday into 25-minute chunks to boost your productivity.

4. Lowers Your Risk of Heart Disease

Sitting for long periods of time every day can increase your chances of developing heart disease. Even high intensity workouts aren’t enough to counteract too much sitting.

That’s why it’s good for your heart to get up and move throughout the day. One of the benefits of a standing desk is that it’s easier to move your body. Plus, it provides more activity for your heart.

5. Improves Circulation and Flexibility

Have you ever noticed stiff hips and joints at the end of a long workday? Sitting might be to blame.

Standing keeps your hip flexors elongated which can give you more hip flexibility. It will also take some of the pressure off of your lower back.

Plus, the simple act of standing will boost your circulation.

Are You Ready to Experience the Benefits of a Standing Desk?

A better mood, more productive work hours, and a lowered risk of heart disease are just a few of the benefits of a standing desk. The key is to find balance between sitting and standing, rather than switching entirely to standing.

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