10 Top Mesh Leggings To Keep You Cool During Your Workout


When you are looking for great-looking activewear that is also practical and helps keep you cool as you move around, a great option are mesh leggings and tights. Whether you wear them for CrossFit, Spin class, boxing, lifting or any other workout, these leggings give you the coverage you need while offering a mesh that makes them more breathable. There is also the bonus of the mesh adding an attractive appeal to the leggings that make them stand out from standard styles. You can walk in and out of the gym secure that you look great too! Here are 10 top options to take a closer look at!

10 Top Mesh Leggings to Workout In 2021 – Stylish Mesh Tights

Mesh Contender Capri in Powerlift – Athleta: These are cropped tights that allow airflow through the mesh panels and are also compression tights. They come in three more vibrant colours of violet, teal and yellow as well as the classic black look.

Active Mesh Panel Moto Leggings – Forever21: When you are working out these leggings help manage the dampness from the sweat and look stylish at the same time.

Power Mesh Leggings – Sweaty Betty: Quickly becoming some women’s go-to mesh leggings they are versatile with mesh inserts that keep you cool and look cool too.

Marathon Capri Tights – Shape Activewear: When you are looking for great mesh leggings and tights that have stretch, look great and come in plus sizes, Shape activewear marathon Capri tights fit the bill. They have a high waist fit, with fabric stretching four ways and the cooling mesh panels and you can get them up to 3x.

Mesh Capri – Chikool: These are sweat-wicking and high-waisted leggings that also come with the mesh panels for better breathability. An added practical feature is the two pockets, one on the side and one hidden.

Icon Series Warrior Mesh Legging – Core 10: Popular and for good reasons with their high waist, soft material and moisture-wicking property. Also, come in plus sizes and of course those mesh panels for cooling.

Women’s Crops – Nike Pro: Perfect for any kind of workout from yoga thanks to a wide supportive waistband that does not slip down, to something more high-intensity thanks to the sweat-wicking and mesh cooling panels. They also fit well and are flattering.

Wunder Under High-Rise Tight – Lululemon: What would a list of mesh leggings and tights be without something from the very popular Lululemon?! The mesh fabric, the sweat-wicking and high waist, all come together in a great legging you can trust to stay in place.

High-Rise Side-Pocket Elevate Compression Leggings – Old Navy: Old Navy has a great pair of solid black tights here with then grey contrasting panels in the mesh stripes. If you are a nighttime runner these are great for visibility with the reflective logo on the back.

In Dreams High Waist Leggings – Zella: Very comfortable leggings with a cooling mesh around the legs great for lots of activities and for just wearing when you are relaxing or meditating.

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