Why successful companies outsource in the Call Centre Philippines

Many entrepreneurs find it challenging to manage their self-owned business as they have to balance their quality with the cost. There are various targets and strategies to keep the business under control.  

Some companies take contracts from the external workforce, which offer highly skilled workers at a meager cost. This process is known as outsourcing, and there are many outsource call centers in the Philippines.  

According to a report by the IBM Global Locations Trend, the Philippines has become the first choice for many companies in the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) market. Many companies are ranked among the best outsourcing centers in the whole world. The reasons include:


The boom of BPO companies in the Philippines and their consistency in the sector is because of their perseverance and determination to stay. Time is never an issue as the Filipino employees are very hardworking, and they are willing to work at night, on holidays, and even on any challenging schedules. Thus, they have become accommodative of more clients from every part of the world from different time zones

Language Proficiency

According to the BEI (Business English Index) data released by global English, the Philippines had the top BEI, and this has been continuing for years now. The BEI is a study designed to decide the quality and competency of global workers and their English proficiency. The score ranges from 1.0 to 10.0, where 1.0 suggests read-only proficiency and 10.0 is proficiency equivalent to native speakers. The Philippines has been consistently proving to be the best in this and has become one of the top preferred locations for India’s outsourcing as well. 


There is a popular misconception that outsources call centers in the Philippinesare limited to only that. However, there are large variants of providers that offer various services to multiple other fields. They include human resources, financial services, software development, graphic design, content writing and marketing, legal transcription, and many others. Therefore the main reason for outsourcing to the Philippines is not to reduce costs but to find the best talents for every job. 

Work Ethics

Many business owners look for many qualities other than ability and talent. They include a service-oriented mind, accommodative work atmosphere, loyalty, integrity, and value from the service providers’ side. All of these are present in the Filipino work culture, as they give a lot of value to the customer’s time and requirements. Moreover, they respect the individuals and maintain the ethics and professionalism the work requires. 


From the above details, it is clear that the Filipinos prioritize the quality of their work rendered. Many reports say that the growth in the performance efficiency of the BPO industry of the Philippines has increased to 400,000 people in 2011 itself, and it would have hit more than a billion at present. Moreover, the cost of the BPO industry in the Philippines is very low when compared to other parts of the world. It doesn’t mean the quality is compromised. Therefore, the cost-effectiveness, operational effectiveness, and other benefits make the Philippines the best place to outsource and grow. 

Government Support

BPO is one of the country’s major income generators and, therefore, a most important pillar of the Filipino economy. Thus, the government has no other way but to support its development and infrastructural facilities. Some of the government initiatives for the same include:

  • Initiatives through Taxes and Non Taxes to encourage foreign enterprises
  • Encourages universities to include courses in BPO to help the future workforce
  • Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) has a voucher system to support call center training funding¬†
  • Various councils including, the National Information and Communications Technology council created to help the BPO industry.¬†


The Philippines has a history of being colonized by Spain, the United States, Japan, and many other countries. All these countries’ cultural and ethnic values have seeped into the Filipino traditions, behavior, customers, and way of life. It has helped a lot in the services provided through outsourcing because most Filipino people can adapt to and understand different cultures well, making them valuable in the outsourcing sector. 

Data Security

The key features of the Privacy of Data Act have been put into action by the Filipinos. They include the safety and security of the data from the eyes of the third party, which can be very harmful to the business’s safety. The Philippines’ BPO industries take the extra effort to keep it confidential and accessible only to authorized parties. It makes them trustworthy and favorable in the industry. 

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