Why do Leaders Self Sabotage?

Comfort Zone Leaving Reaching Careless Risk

Whenever we take action on our desired path and make steady progress, why do we sometimes go off the tracks? Why do we suddenly mess everything up, just as we see some concrete results in our lives? This is precisely called self-sabotage. Let’s look at why people, especially the ones in a leadership position, self-sabotage. They start on a journey towards their goal, making outstanding progress, and beginning to see the results, when wham, something appear, preventing them from taking any further definite actions.

This could technically relate to anything, but one prime example of self-sabotaging is the quest to lose weight. Someone who wants to lose, say, fifteen pounds or more in weight will start on their healthy eating schedule, exercise, cut out processed foods, and diet successfully for some time. They will start to see the fruits of their labor in weight loss and toning up. Their clothes will begin to feel looser; the new diet will recondition their hair, skin, and nails, people compliment them on how they are looking. They are beginning to recognize their weight loss and are liking their appearance in the mirror for the first time in decades.

Then abruptly, they begin accepting foodstuffs that had previously been entirely off-limits (in the diet program that they had initially intended to follow.) They skip the exercise classes and quietly creep back on again before long the weight they had lost. Why do people self-sabotage whenever they are approaching their goals? Well, there are several factors. The leading self sabotager is our ability to realize that we can actually accomplish our goals and are on our vision’s cusp.

Old restricting beliefs kick in, and abruptly we believe we might fail. People are eventually frightened of change. They are scared that their lives will change, and they may genuinely not like it. They are scared of leaving their comfort zone and all kinds of stuff familiar, and they are scared of rejection and that people might now like the new look person who is emerging like a butterfly from a cocoon. You have got to understand that eventually, you will always be you and that although you may improve your looks and perhaps your beliefs, it is still the same unique and beautiful person inside.

Don’t self-sabotage and destroy your chances of satisfaction and fulfillment. Continue chasing your goals every day religiously, and you will surprise yourself with your limitless potential. Once you have overcome your fear, you will be well on your way to your success and goals.

This article doesn’t just fit in for leaders but for everyone else who is chasing their goals. Don’t murder and mutilate your efforts by giving up on your goals midway. A change doesn’t change everything; remember that.

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