What do Women Leaders need to Innovate and Evolve?

women at the meeting
Photo by RF._.studio on Pexels.com

As we know, there is no such thing as ‘born leaders. All Leaders have become leaders only because they choose leadership in their life. This is a choice to make.

In a Family: Patriarchal family is still the sad norm. Now, what we’re talking about is not precisely gender equality. It is about formal equality in leadership. There can be more than one director in a firm, where decisions are made with consent. Then, why can’t there be two leaders in the family, where judgments are made consulting each other, giving mutual respect? Women can indeed allow this to happen only because we operate from a model of love and charity, with a repeated assurance that we’re not there to threaten the “man of the house” but to honor his role.

At Work: Men usually go on an ‘I-Know” mode, and superiors try to over-power women by using their power, not allowing girls to play an equal role to participating effectively in an organization. When given a preferred position, some women abuse this leadership role – thinking that being dogmatic is the way to go. Now, we’ve to know our leadership mode can and should be different. Women leaders in firms fail because they ‘take on’ male leadership roles. Women should rule as gals, with compassion and love, without affection. This is again likely when there is clarity in your direction and what you’d like to perform in your role.

In a business/work environment: When we’re in a business meeting/gathering, we allow men to dominate. This is again primarily due to our insecurity. Just step into a meeting of more than two men, you’ll see they’ll be talking among themselves, the lady becomes ‘invisible.’ You can make your presence felt by engaging them confidently and effectively. Men talk among themselves because they ‘feel’ you’re not directly aligned with the men talk. When we show that we’re not just ‘good-looking’ babe, but exceptional beauty, we can make our mark wherever we go.

In Social Service: This is one of the most talked-about concepts in women’s contribution. Women, being full of compassion and love by nature, seem to have one of the best fits here. Then again, their leadership skills fail them, leading them to “hold back” their execution on a bigger scale.

In my humble opinion, all matters regarding gender equality result from a lack of effective leadership skills among women.

We lack the ability to stand out and stand up in many vital areas. Women want to lead, yet we have a deep-rooted belief system through genetic experiences that men must lead and women must follow. You may say no, but subconsciously, this is the game we play, creating conflict within ourselves – physically and emotionally.

We know that authentic leadership is about selflessly self-centered servant-leadership & the inherent attributes of a TRUE true is already in use, and it’s only a matter of time that it shines through us.

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