What can leaders do to get everything back on track?

Sometimes everything seems to be going wrong—

  1. Machines breakdown. 
  2. Letters don’t arrive. 
  3. You miss meetings. 
  4. A pandemic, forcing us to stay at home. 

Everything gets into a sudden state of chaos. It appears as though all the worldly energies are working against you. You question how you’ll ever get back on track and begin to do again what you are interested in doing. 

What can you genuinely do to get back on track after a break?

Take time to carefully reassess your objectives.

Sometimes things go wrong because you aim for a bad outcome or going about it mistakenly. So carefully consider and work over what you really want, whether you have been sensible about the time it will take to achieve it and about the steps, you plan to take to accomplish it.

Do something completely different for a while.

When things go wrong, it can be handy and help you get a new viewpoint on your goals if you take some time away from them and see yourself, your world, and your objectives from an entirely different perspective.


You may have indeed gone off track because you are attempting to do everything alone. However much you think you are the only individual capable of doing what you were doing, there are usually some routine tasks or even more technical tasks to efficiently delegate to someone else. When you do this, you will feel more able to do those things that you can only do.

Find a support group.

Apart from the usual delegation, it is incredibly motivating to have support and encouragement from someone else, such as a coach, a mentor, or a friend, who understands what you’re trying to achieve and recognizes each step of your life. It can be very difficult sometimes to be aware of how you are going forward towards your goal when you’re feeling stressed, and no one seems to realize what you’re doing.

Move forward in somewhat different direction.

There may be another path you could take to reach your goals. Try not to get too stuck into thinking that there is only one way to do it. Take a couple of steps back and think about what you’re trying to achieve, and work out other ways that you could go ahead. On any journey, when you take a varying route to get to a familiar destination, you’ll observe new things along the way and become more inspired to succeed.

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