What Are the Roles and Responsibilities of an Aggravated Assault Attorney?

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An assault charge conviction would likely come with prison time, steep fines and other severe penalties. These penalties can greatly damage the quality of your professional and personal life. If you want to avoid serious consequences or lessen their impact, then you must find an aggravated assault attorney who fully understands the legal system. A timely consultation with a professional and experienced assault attorney can potentially help you avoid an assault conviction and the penalties that come along with that conviction. An attorney can look at your case with a clear perspective and identify your chances of obtaining a positive outcome. He or she can safeguard you from any awkward aspects of the investigation and prevent the prosecution from violating your legal rights.

Many people do not fully understand or are not fully aware of an aggravated assault attorney’s roles and responsibilities. This explains why they often make mistakes when looking for a suitable candidate. Below, we highlight the most prominent roles and responsibilities that an attorney must perform. You should consider these aspects when looking for an assault attorney to handle your case. 

Reviewing Your Case

Before entering the courtroom, an assault attorney must review your case thoroughly and decide how to approach handling your defense. The preparation your attorney does before trial is super important and can potentially help you obtain a favorable verdict or a reduction in charges. 

Gathering Information for Your Defense

Your assault attorney must collect information about your case. He or she will conduct interviews of potential and actual witnesses, carefully review police reports and study the crime scene. These are only some of the duties that your attorney is responsible for during the investigation phase of your case. 

Taking Care of Any Plea Bargains

A seasoned attorney knows when to avoid the courtroom altogether. If your attorney thinks you would face an uphill battle in court, then he or she may request a plea bargain that involves pleading guilty and receiving a criminal conviction lesser than the one under consideration. Plea bargains help the state save time and money because no trial occurs. If you accept the plea deal, then you will receive a lighter punishment. 

Aggressively Defending You in Court

While plea bargains are preferable in many cases, there are times where a trial is the only path forward. When a trial takes place, your assault attorney has the responsibility to do what is best for his or her client and launch an aggressive legal defense. The trial can involve a single judge or a jury. Throughout the legal proceeding, your attorney must make sure that his or her statements work in your favor and place your case in the best possible light. 

Offering You Advice and Guidance

One of your attorney’s most important duties is to keep you informed about your case. He or she should guide you throughout the entire legal process and give you advice about what is best for your case. 

These are the most significant roles and responsibilities your aggravated assault attorney must complete during the course of your criminal case. Fighting an aggravated assault charge is hard and stressful. Your lawyer must be skilled enough to cope with unexpected situations and take your case extremely seriously. An attorney who understands this is a suitable choice for dealing with sensitive cases like aggravated assault cases. 

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