Welcome Offers to Pass on Slot Sites

When you first read the title of this article, we wouldn’t blame you if you did a double-take – how could you possibly pass up on a welcome offer at an online slot site? Not to mention not many slot sites can brag top about their offers and promotions. Don’t worry, we haven’t lost our marbles .

We’re just here to tell you that some welcome offers are better than others, so you need to know the ones to ignore and the ones to pounce on! That’s what we’re here for – read on to find out more!

What should you look for in a welcome offer?

Ultimately, the clue is in the name – a welcome offer should make you feel ‘welcome’ at a new casino. You could be trying out any casino in the world, so these offers are designed to encourage you to spend your money at a particular site – and they will reward you grandly for it! Welcome offers can come in the form of all sorts of different bonuses, but to start with you should be keeping a particular eye out for the following:

  • Matched deposit welcome offers
  • Reload deposit welcome offers
  • No deposit online offers

No deposit welcome offers are the best – you don’t even need to spend any cash, just simply sign up and receive some free spins! Anything involving 100% free spins – best not avoid that! Matched and reload welcome offers are big ones too – whatever you deposit, the website will double it! Sure, it’s an investment in a new casino, but it sounds worth it to me!

So what welcome offers should I avoid?

Ultimately, knowing which welcome offers to avoid comes with practice and research, and this should be your first step!  

  • Step 1: Become familiar with the typical offers found on your favourite slot sites and use these as a target.
  • Step 2: Browse online for the best welcome offers on slot sites. Scrap the ones that don’t hit your target and check out the sites that are above and beyond what you’d normally expect from an offer.
  • Step 3: Sign up to these websites and sit back and relax knowing that you just optimized your welcome offer bonuses – brilliant!

There’s one last thing that’s worth mentioning – “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.” Many online slots deals really are jaw-dropping, but if you read an advert stating “100% Win Guarantee” or “Deposit £10, Play with £1,000!”, it’s important to use a bit of common sense. If you’re ever in doubt, a quick bit of research about the online casino should tell you everything you need to know. Stay safe on the web!


It feels pretty strange to be writing an article about which online slot welcome offers you should pass up on, but with online slots being such a competitive entertainment industry, it’s essential that we learn how to filter out the best offers and scrap the rubbish ones. We doubt you will come across and genuinely “bad” welcome offers – just keep your eyes peeled, and make sure you’re not missing out on a better deal just around the corner!

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