Virgo Weekly Horoscope 4th – 10th April 2021

Love and Relationships

The week shows some disappointments for the Virgo love relationships.Next door love affairs may come to a standstill.Those in jobs may face undue stress and anxiety due to a heavy workload.Getting into a relationship will not be their priority this week.Spending quality time with family may be on the cards and harmony may prevail as they may make it a point to pay heed to everyone’s needs.They may come across someone special this week so they need to watch out.Before making any commitments they must make sure they are on the right track. They need to come in terms of reality and be practical.Married Virgos may have face discord due to difference of opinions.They may need to mellow down to sustain their marital charm.


Students of the Virgo sign may have a reason to be happy this week.Those pursuing graduation may excel in professional courses and may start off with a good job.Besides this,some students may get distracted from studies and may not fair well in their examinations.Therefore,it is compulsory to have a Bachelors to earn commendable salary.Studying around the clock may prove beneficial for students who may have devoted hours to get excellent grades.Post-graduate or doctoral course students may get themselves preoccupied with jobs to meet their routine expenses.Maintaining a neat balance sheet may help them with their pocket expenses.


Virgos need to keep a watch this week as planetary influences may give them a health pinch.They may be diagnosed with viral infections so they must make they take some proactive steps to safeguard themselves.Minor ailments may resurface but they may need to grow cautious as any negligence may increase their medical bills.Consultation from a doctor and following the prescribed treatment may help. They need to be careful with their day to day activities as they may become prone to injuries.Re-energising themselves by opting for morning or evening trolls may keep their body fit.


With Venus in their sign,Virgos may mint money this week.Planetary influences may bring in an ocean of opportunities for income flowing from numerous sources.But with the effect of Mars and Saturn in the 12th house, they may turn to be spendthrifts. It may ,therefore, become inevitable for them to maintain a balance sheet to strike the chord between their income and expenses.They must try and curb their expenses so that they don’t run out of cash in case of an emergency.In short,finances may take hold of the steering wheel for Virgos in the forthcoming week.Moneywise there will be no room for worry provided they learn to prioritise their needs and maintain savings for contingencies.


Mercury is the ruler of the sign Virgo and it holds a significant place in the tenth house of this native.But with Mercury transit in the water sign Pisces, of this sign it may weaken its effects.Moreover Mercury seems to be moving in the seventh house at a slow pace.This may cause to bring a slowdown in the progress chart of the Virgo natives.They may have to pull up their socks to keep their profit charts soaring.Entrepreneurs or business professionals may have to curb their product rates to survive competition.Office going natives may need to hold on for some time as they may face stressful moments at work.Their patience may pay off as things might turn into their favour very soon.

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