Virgo Weekly Horoscope 11th – 17th April 2021

Love and Relationships

Virgos in love may face constant marriage pressure from their partner.The ecstasy of marital bliss can only be attained by getting hitched.Therefore,they may need to draw conclusions about marriage by considering each and every aspect of this relationship.There may be a feeling of love and harmony in the family.It may be possible to keep the atmosphere pleasant.New bondings may shape.Avoid getting into bad company.Office professionals may get into cordial relations with colleagues.It may be advisable for these natives to tread carefully before getting into any serious relationship with the opposite sex.


A tough week ahead for Virgos connected with learning.Those in the academic field may not be able to give studies the needed time.Moreover,post graduates or professional diploma course students may get deviated towards unexpected troubles.This may put a dent in their study pattern affecting their final scores.Students opting for overseas studies may excel.They may do exceptionally well in their perspective careers.Hard times may propel students to deviate from their path but they may need to keep patience. Meditation and yoga may help them in getting through this difficult phase.A testing time for students who may succeed with their mental strength and ability as the skies clears off very soon.


Being health conscious may be the best mantra for Virgos this week.Past ailments may soar.They may be recommended to see a physician as soon as they experience abnormal body changes.Procrastination may only lead to worsening health issues if they are not immediately attended to.Timely medical aid may ease your problems and avoid heavy hospitalization bills.Right eye complications may cause you worry so don’t neglect it and make sure you get it thoroughly checked by an ophthalmologist.Driving safely may keep you away from minor leg injuries during the week.


Venus brings monetary stability in the Virgo natives’ lives.The planetary conditions during the week may bring in good fortune for them.However,they may see a rise of expenses on the personal front.Unexpected expenses may troll.Ganesha advise you to keep a check on your unwanted expenses and emphasize more on savings for emergency needs.Financial outlets may pave way for more income.So,it may be prudent for you to plan out your income and expenditure chart.Ensure you have enough savings so that in case of an urgency you may not need to borrow.Firmly following this mantra may keep your financial stability unmoved in future.


The 10th house of profession and occupation has Venus moving through it.This may hint the Virgo native to become more methodical and meticulous in his work.It may give them a push to work harder and get near to their set goals.Venus may bring in a lot of positivity for them. Work professionals may need to shun off their old mentality and bring innovation in their current assignments.Inability to focus may bring a wave of insecurity.Far sighted business professionals may embark on their success journey.But, it may be wise for them to reassess new strategies before plunging into any project.They may face competition and so they may be recommended for to reconsider lowering their product prices.This may be help them in expanding their business territories.

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