Top Things to do in Arequipa – 6 Activities

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One-tenth the size of Lima, Peru’s Arequipa, is its rebellious equal in terms of historical significance, cuisine, and confident self-awareness.

Arequipa comprises a rich mix of the Spanish colonial and indigenous cultures. Since its founding, with 478 years of history, you can find examples of Spanish colonial architecture throughout the city’s heart and numerous surrounding districts. 

Let’s explore the top things to do in Arequipa.

  • Peruvian Cooking Experience: When you are in Arequipa, you cook. Here is the place where you prepare Peruvian Food and relish eating after. This experience is like a cultural souvenir from Peru. Different menus are available for you to explore here. A visit to the market and Pisco Sour Lecture are also optional with the activity.
  • Downhill volcano biking: Volcano biking is offered in different levels of difficulty. Professional guides properly manage Half-day adventures. They present all the needed equipment. It is very safe, and the risk factor is low. You can enjoy elegant countryside views.
  • Volcano climbing: Two splendid volcanoes tower over Arequipa: El Misti and Chachani. El Misti is the lower in elevation (around 5822m) but, it is the more challenging climb. Trailhead is at around 3,400m, and the stroll up is incredibly steep. You don’t require any special equipment to scale it. Plus, on the positive side, it is no ice or snow. You can take a regional bus towards Chiguata to the Asociación Irrigadora El Misti and walk the 5km to the busy trailhead from there – a 4WD is needed to drive this track. Chachani is more challenging to reach, you need to rent a 4WD, but this will get you to the top at 5,000m. There is deep ice on peak, so crampons and an ice ax are advised. Height is usually the worst enemy for visitors. Chachani is over 6,000 meters in altitude, perhaps the most accessible 6,000m peak in the world. 
  • Whitewater rafting: Remember this- Arequipa has some of the greatest rivers in the world. A standard half-day tour with some 2 hours of actual rafting will cost you nearly 65 S/. It is affordable, and the memories made via rafting are immeasurable.
  • Colca Canyon: Colca Canyon is around three hours bus drive away, is famous for seeing Andean Condors, cultural, and hiking activities. You can easily book a tour online, but it’s incredibly cheaper if you book in central Arequipa. Please think very thoroughly before exploring Colca Canyon in the rainy mothers; unless you get an obvious day, the fog will take away more than half of the experience.
  • Picanterias: Regional restaurants are called Picanterias. They are still quite popular among natives. Some are within the urban area, and some others on the outside the town. There is a nice neighborhood called Arancota, where you can explore many of these restaurants. Some of them are huge (500 tables or more), and they are normally full of locals. The major food attraction in this area is fried pork with corn (locally called chicharron). 

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