Top Characteristics of a Charismatic Leader

Charismatic Leader

We frequently talk about charismatic leaders but rarely do we reflect upon what charisma is and what being charismatic feels like.  

According to the dictionary, charisma is defined as “a personal quality (or blend of qualities) that gives a person authority or influence over large numbers of the crowd.” 

Many characteristics blend to bring forth this apparently magical thing known as charisma. Some of these include providing value, absolute integrity, and being seen as caring about and relating to one’s followers, constituents, and organization; charm/ likeability and other qualities; earning the genuine respect of others, etc.

As in most things, it all starts with the most important personal integrity. While integrity is always good quality, for a leader to be effective, he must not only display absolute integrity, but his claims must always give the perception and impression that he is beyond discredit. Followers need to feel they can depend on their leaders and trust them honestly.

Decisive leadership can be explored by the degree to which a leader presents value for both the members and the organization. You can leave no doubt regarding a leader’s commitment to making the organization vital and relevant.

People are rarely deemed charismatic unless they exhibit specific personal qualities and characteristics that make others like them and respect them. Charisma comes from a blend of providing evidence of being hard-working and capable, sharing an essential vision, but to a considerable degree, an indispensable ingredient is that people like the leader as a human being and a leader. It is that personal charm that attracts others to pay attention to their message.

Charismatic leaders have an easier time being respected than those without visible charisma. Correctly or incorrectly, this respect is procured from others feeling satisfied with the leader.

Here are five traits of a Charismatic Leaders

  1. Confidence: Charismatic leaders reflect confidence. Confidence is one of the most important ways you could win the trust of others.
  2. Honest Vision: Vision and the ability to deliver that vision is an important trait of a charismatic leader.
  3. Determination: Be determined to achieve your goals, and people will look up to you and consider you a magician. Determination is a trait that is magnetic in nature. It attracts your subjects.
  4. Creativity: Charismatic leaders often consider solutions outside the box and aren’t afraid to take calculated risks. They are always ready to explore creative options to solve different puzzles. Creativity is another magnetic component in life.
  5. Communication: Exceptional leaders are effective communicators. Specifically, they know to be thoughtful and deliberate in their communication. 

Must a leader be charismatic to be productive? The answer is no, but leaders with charisma almost constantly have an easier time communicating their message and having it accepted with an open mind.

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