Top 10 Supplement Reviews on What’s the link between testosterone levels and exercise?

Top 10 Supplement Reviews on the link between testosterone levels and exercise, including other ways to boost it.

Exercise and workouts absolutely can increase the levels of testosterone in your body. But it depends on the biological make-up of your body and the kind of exercise you do.

While exercise does work to increase testosterone, the best idea is to include other ways to boost the hormone. As well as exercising regularly, you could also add testosterone supplements into your daily diet, for example. Only stick to natural testosterone boosters that are from a verified source. They should also be prescribed by a doctor or a testosterone specialist, such as Male Excel.

The market is packed with all kinds of products promising to increase testosterone levels. Our advice would be to always stick with branded products that come highly recommended by your peers. It’s also advisable to check with your doctor before you add any kind of supplement into your regime. This blog is about exercise and testosterone, how one boosts the other and ways to naturally increase levels if you want to.

Does everyone need to boost their testosterone levels?

Testosterone is generally considered relevant only for men. But the biology of your body and sex influences your natural levels of testosterone. Then when it comes to exercise, it depends greatly on the kind of workout that you want to do. Some increase testosterone levels, and some don’t.

The sex hormone is present in everyone’s bodies, whatever your biological gender. It’s just present in different amounts in women and men. Your adrenal glands also pump out some testosterone, but this differs according to sex too.

Men produce high levels of testosterone in their testicles. The hormone is among the main chemicals that impact the body during puberty. The kinds of changes men go through when they’re teenagers are directly related to the amount of testosterone that they have in their body. Changes include the voice lowering, growing pubic and facial hair and gaining more muscle.

For women, testosterone is produced in smaller amounts in the ovaries. Whatever your gender, having a health testosterone level is important through the span of your life. It’s particularly important as you get older. Having optimal levels of testosterone can help to ensure that you have a reduced risk of various illnesses and conditioned associated with getting older. These include heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and obesity. For women who want to ensure they have the right levels of hormones, including testosterone, there are supplements available too, such as Kurapeak.

Different exercises impact testosterone levels in different ways
On to exercise, working out and how it affects your testosterone levels. Below are a number of clinical studies that talk about the link between the two.

  1. WEIGHTLIFTING: In 1983, a study of a group of men and women found that men increased testosterone levels significantly after lifting weights. Women experienced pretty much zero increase.
  2. RESISTANCE TRAINING: A 2001 study of women only found that resistance training sometimes increases testosterone levels but only on a temporary basis. There is some evidence that the training can change fat distribution around the body.
  3. REGULAR ACTIVITY: A 2004 study of older men found that regular exercise increases growth hormone (GH) levels, testosterone levels and brain functionality.
  4. EXERCISING REGULARLY: A study of men only found in 2012 that regular exercise is definitely linked to higher testosterone levels when compared with men who do not exercise at all.
  5. GAINING MUSCLE: Having heightened testosterone levels helps to build more muscle, compared with low levels.

Exercises to do if you want to increase testosterone

As you can see, exercises impact testosterone levels in different ways. Here are the best exercises to do if you want to increase your testosterone.


Research proves that this kind of exercise can help to increase both short- and long-term testosterone levels. The best type of exercise in this category is weightlifting, and this is especially helpful for men. Some studies show that men who do resistance or strength training three times a week for four weeks showed improved testosterone levels. However, separate studies show that a single half hour weightlifting session increased levels in men by 21.6% and 16.7% in women. Further research suggests that the impact is particularly temporary in women.

  • HIIT

High intensity interval training works well for men to raise their testosterone levels. Research shows it has no real impact on women, but studies prove that men running intensely for 90 seconds followed by 90 seconds of recovery increases testosterone more significantly than running for a steady 45 minutes.

Women should be careful not to raise their testosterone levels too much, as it becomes harmful. Too much testosterone for women results in abnormal hair growth, acne and balding. Any women who want to lower their testosterone levels should do some HITT training. Studies show that it actually reduces the hormone in women.

Cardio appears to have no impact on testosterone either way for men or women. There is some evidence to show that doing too much can actually reduce levels, so anyone wanting to significantly boost theirs should stick to weightlifting, interval training and well-chosen testosterone supplements.

Here are some general tips to balance your testosterone. These should be done in addition to the right kind of regular exercise.

  1. Eat a high protein diet with balanced fat and carbs.
  2. Reduce your levels of cortisol by reducing stress.
  3. Take Vitamin D supplements if you’re not getting enough sunshine.
  4. Add some vitamins and minerals to your diet, including vitamin B and zinc.
  5. Get between seven and 10 hours sleep every night.
  6. Avoid exposure to some chemicals that have been shown to increase oestrogen, such as BPA.
  7. Take natural, high-quality testosterone supplements that contain ingredients like ginger and ashwagandha.

Before you take any action, get your baseline testosterone levels checked by the doctor. Then you’ll know which exercise programme to follow and how to modify your testosterone levels.

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