The Watch Company and Marc by Marc Jacobs Watches

Marc Jacobs, the owner of the brand, was born and raised in New York City in 1963. He founded Marc by Marc Jacobs in the year 1984, the same year he graduated from Parsons School of Design NYC. He released various collections which ranged from clothes to bags to scents and finally, to watches.

Marc Jacobs watches are very versatile and fabulous especially to those fashionable young women out there. The materials that were used are of high quality therefore customers do not have to worry about their money’s worth.

The Watch Company – Marc Jacobs Watches

Marc Jacobs Watch can be accessed and purchased by buyers on the watch company website. Prices can be sorted from highest to lowest or vice versa. Customers can even view the recommended products when they do not know which item is best to purchase.

The website displays different designs on its page so users can view female, male or even gender-neutral designs. Marc Jacobs’s collection is unique compared to other brands since it has a wide variety of style ranging from cute and quirky to elegant and professional.

New designs are displayed on their page however, most of them are already sold out due to the popularity and high demand of the brand. If customers want to get their hands on a Marc Jacobs watch, they must keep in track with the updates on the website.

Marc Jacobs and His Inspiration and Where it All Started

Marc Jacobs was taught by his grandmother how to knit during his teenage years. This encouraged his interest in fashion. After graduating high school, he enrolled in Parsons School of Design. He launched his first collection of oversized hand-knitted sweaters as his graduation project.

The Physical Store

The Watch Company has a physical store located in Nakano-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. They can also be contacted via their phone number (03-5318-9301) or you can also send them a message through their email address.

Overseas individuals who are visiting Japan do not need to worry about the language barrier when they visit the shop since The Watch Company’s staff are multilingual and are very knowledgeable about watches so they can provide high-quality assistance to their customers.

Other Luxury Brands They Offer

Aside from presenting Marc Jacobs watches, they also offer other luxurious brands such as Rolex Daytona, Cartier, Bulgari, Hublot, Omega Constellation and many more. Although the pieces are sold at a much affordable price, the company ensures the quality and authenticity of their products.

They purchase the products directly from different areas all around the world at the lowest cost and are then inspected closely before they sell them to their store. Moreover, this company also offers trading with other watch dealers.

Selling Your Preloved Watch to The Watch Company

This website is, in fact, very flexible. They do not only sell luxury pieces at a much affordable price, but they also buy preloved watches from their customers. The Watch Company is very customer friendly since it provides a lot of services for them.

The requirements for selling your preloved piece are very simple. All you have to do is bring a personal identification card, preferably a passport, and your piece. Customers can even sell products that are not listed in their brand list however, they will have to contact the store first for precise assessment.

The Flow of the Selling Process

The flow of the selling process is being explained for the customer to understand what will happen during the process and what they need to do or bring while waiting for feedback from the store.

First, the customer must fill up the reservation form. This form can be found and filled up on their website. After filling up the form, they need to send it and wait for the staff to contact them. Once they receive feedback, they need to go to the shop and bring their watch and identification card.

How to Sell Your Timepiece at a Best Price

The Watch Company even gives out advice on how to sell a piece at the best price possible. Users are indeed ecstatic to use its website since it offers a variety of services that each of their customers can avail.

In order to sell a piece at the best price, the preloved product must have its original box, papers and documents from when it was first purchased. Another thing that is needed is extra links to the watch band bracelet.

All of these objects are essential to raising up the price of a beloved item. When one is missing, the price depreciates and the piece could not be sold at its best price regardless of how good its condition is.


In conclusion, despite the wide variety of fashion and luxury brands, Marc Jacobs outshined them all because of the designer’s skills, taste and talent. It is the most purchased luxury brand across the world and can easily be accessed through The Watch Company which provides many types of services that fits the unique needs of their customers.

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