The Ultimate Bregenz Travel Guide

Lake Constance Sunset Drama Long Exposure View Bregenz Austria

A town with a spectacular view: Bregenz is a place worth dying for.

It does undoubtedly have the loveliest of landscapes. In front of you, the Bodensee, Europe’s third-largest lake, unfolds like a liquid mirror; behind you, the Pfänder climbs to the Alps; to the right, you notice Germany, to the left the vague outline of mighty Switzerland. WOW.

How to reach Bregenz?

If you are traveling via air, you can land in Zurich-Klote. It is quite a big airport, about 1 hour by car/train. If train travel is your thing, then Central station (Hauptbahnhof) is situated in the north of the city, close to the city center and the lake.

Top Attractions in Bregenz:


Devised by Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, this massive steel and glass cube resembles a lamp, reflecting the dynamic light of the lake and sky. The open-plan, stark interior is ideal for rotating contemporary art exhibitions – the work of British artist Ed Atkins and the semi-abstract, haunting paintings of Swiss artist Miriam Cahn has lately featured. 


Effortlessly explored by bike or on foot, this clean nature reserve sits nearly 5km south of Bregenz, where the mighty River Rhine springs into the Bodensee. The green marshes, plants, and mixed woodlands draw more than 200 bird species, including grey herons, curlews, and black-tailed godwits.

Pfänder Cable Car

An incredible cable car dances to the 1064m peak of the Pfänder, a wooded mountain flying above Bregenz and presenting a breathtaking panorama of the Bodensee and the neat snowcapped summits of the not-so-distant Alps in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. At the top is the exceptional Alpine Game Park Pfänder.


Slung above the lake is the Oberstadt, Bregenz’ tiny medieval town of candy-colored houses, winding streets, and flowery gardens. It’s still enclosed by the sturdy Martinstor and defensive walls.

Top Things to do Bregenz:

  • Bregenz Festival: Bregenz Festival is a grand festival running from mid-July to August and attracting 150,000 visitors yearly. The festival’s centerpiece is its main stage erected on Lake Constance, the world’s largest floating stage. 
  • Lake: Lake Promenade is a trendy place for residents to roam and spend the evening. There are outdoor restaurants and shaded paths. The sunsets in Bregenz are gorgeous from any location at the lake.
  • Photography: Don’t miss the incredible 360° view from the top of the Pfänder mountain: you can either walk or take the cablecar. Click unforgettable photos at this site and flaunt them on your Instagram.
  • Boat cruises: From April to September, numerous firms offer a blend of cruises on Lake Constance, including a striking ‘three-country cruise; cruises to Friedrichshafen, home of the Zepplinmuseum; the “Flower Island” of Mainau; the city of Konstanz, home of the Sea Life Center/Aquarium; and several dinners and sunset cruises.

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