The Ultimate Andorra Travel Guide

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Andorra is a tiny country nestled between Spain and France, to the south of the Pyrenees mountains. The nation consists of numerous rivers and mountains that bisect the towns. The place’s size is so tiny; you could drive from one side to the other in a few hours. You would have a great time in the process, as the roads are so much adventurous, winding left and right, up and down.

Due to the terrain, it’s no surprise that Andorra is primarily a skiers paradise, with numerous large ski resorts dotted about. The mountainous landscape also offers excellent hiking opportunities, particularly around the Tristaina area, up to the lakes. There are many different hikes you can take in the area and around the lakes. 

Top Attractions in Andorra

Casa de la Vall

Built in 1580 CE as a home for a wealthy family, this exquisite stone mansion served as Andorra’s government building from 1702 CE until as recently as 2011 CE. The Sala del Consell, upstairs, must have been one of the world’s coziest parliament chambers; it’s now used only rather occasionally. Its Cupboard of the Seven Keys (Armari de les Set Claus) once held Andorra’s most prominent official documents. 

Barri Antic

The Barri Antic was the heart of Andorra la Vella back when the capital was little more than a small town. Beautiful stone houses flank the narrow cobbled streets around the medieval Casa de la Vall.

Museu Nacional de l’Automòbil

A voyage to Andorra’s National Automobile Museum will have excellent revheads wishing they could take one of the 60 vintage cars or infinite antique motorcycles for a spin around the Pyrenees. Also on display are over 50 bicycles, from sleek racers to old bone-rattlers. It’s around 6km northeast of Andorra la Vella.

Església de Santa Coloma

Quoted in records from the 9th century CE, this beautiful pre-Romanesque church is Andorra’s oldest. The 12th-century CE Lombard bell tower still stands intact, though most of the remainder has been transformed over the centuries. Complimentary guided visits operate in summer.

Top Things to do in Andorra:

  1. Hiking and trekking: Andorra is the best place in Europe for hiking & trekking. While in Andorra for hiking, sure to bring something other than a purse for your cellphone and sandals for your feet. Carry your shoes, hiking attire, water bottle, and mosquito repellent. Please places to start the trek include Arinsal (1,500m), Pic de Médécourbe 2,914m, Montmantell lakes and the Pic del Pla de l’Estany 2,859m, and Camí del coll de les Cases 1,950m. 
  2. Mountain Biking: Andorra is an excellent place to go mountain biking. There are chairlift-assisted bike parks and lots of other trails throughout the country. Each year the famed UCI World Cup comes to Andorra as well.
  3. Eating: Lamb is the principal meat; different Spanish and French cuisines, and cheeses are used extensively in Andorra. You can enjoy Spanish and French cuisine in the same area. Escudella De Pages (Catalan peasant soup) is the national dish. It is sometimes prepared with giant spiced meatballs (pilotas). You will mostly find Estrella Damm, a population beer from Barcelona, all over Andorra. 
  4. Skiing: Most of the ski resorts were once small hilly villages that have grown due to skiing. The lodges have joined together so that your ski pass covers neighboring areas. As a result, there are now two large alpine skiing areas known as Grandvalira and Vallnord. Vallnord covers the Arinsal-Pal and Arcalis ski area. Whereas Grandvalira covers Soldeu and Pas de la Casa.

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