The Role of Acceptance in Harmony and Success of a Relationship

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What can you do when you and the love of your life disagree? What can your spouse do to bridge such disharmony? What works to get your love story back on track?

For the two of you to maintain and create a solid relationship, the truth is that it is not necessary for you both to agree all the time on all the subjects. Those areas of conflict can be equipped to utilize the BEST of each of your skills — maybe your chef-skills are exquisite; perhaps, your partner is quite skilled at clean-up. Together, you have the ideal formula for mealtime harmony!

When you both disagree, it is important to have plans in place to allow you together to handle the dispute in such a way that your relationship can grow stronger as a result! Yes, that’s right. You and your partner can disagree, and the relationship can grow more powerful as a result of how the two of you achieve that disagreement.

How can that be? You might be asking.

The answer is acceptance. Acceptance is key to building harmony for — and between — the two of you. Acceptance means freeing the idea that there is a “wrong way” and “right way.” Acceptance leads to looking at differences from the perspective that there can be two correct ways!


Seeing that there can be two best ways means that the two of you now have more to work with. You each have two choices — your original solution and your partner’s unique solution. When it comes to problem-solving, the more available choices, the more effective and quicker the solutions that follow.

THE Knowledge OF Acceptance:

Acceptance allows you and your spouse to act on wisdom. It is the wisdom stated in this paraphrase of the Serenity Prayer: “Grant me the Serenity to accept what I cannot change, the Courage to change what I can … and the Wisdom to know the difference”.

What is the other tangible benefit of acceptance?

  1. You can only accept different scenarios properly if you are humble, and humbleness is the single most important trait any person in love must carry to make the relationship successful.
  2. Acceptance pushes us to solve problems without prejudice. If we accept others’ viewpoints rather than merely pushing forward our perspective, we can solve numerous problems in our personal lives without discrimination. 
  3. Acceptance frees us from judging our partners every time they come up with a different approach. We don’t ‘own’ our partners, and judging them every damn time is not something we should practice. 
  4. Acceptance contributes to inner peace, thereby strengthening your relationship with yourself and, eventually, your loved ones.

I urge you and your partner to use acceptance frequently to empower and strengthen your relationship.

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