Taurus Weekly Horoscope 11th – 17th April 2021

Love and Relationships

Love is in the air this week for the Taurus natives. Singles may have a strong possibility of developing romantic relationship with a person from the opposite sex.The relationship may get closer with some intimate moments.Family and loved ones may get your attention this week as you may spend some quality time with them.Communicating at a personal level may bring strongly bond the family .Married couples may need to shun their adamant nature and not get judgemental about their partner’s attitude.Lending a ear to your partner’s needs may solidify your relationship.At work you may need to adorn an amicable nature with your colleagues.


As for education ,the period may not bring in expected results. Students may get distracted towards other mainstream academics.They may not be able to stay focused and struggle to survive competition. They may need to prepare a detailed study chart and devote enough time for individual subjects.Deviating from the study course path may put their career at stake.Those students pursuing post graduate or doctoral degree courses may try and procure jobs to meet their routine needs and college expenses.All over post graduates may do exceptionally well in their career.


Breathlessness may be the major cause of worry for people who have minor respiratory disorders. They may be advised to consult a pulmonologist as and when they face symptoms.They may stay away from dirty or highly polluted areas to ease breathing.Junk food and unhygienic water may make you prone to viral infections.So make sure you have the right kind of stuff and clean drinking water.With Mars putting a negative influence on your sun sign you may be advised to be careful with your day to day activities as it may leave you injured. Morning walks, yoga or cardiovascular exercises may help you to keep diseases at bay.Following a healthy diet chart and regular exercises may keep you energized throughout the day.


Financially the week may not be as per your expectations.It may be advisable for you to follow certain rules and regulations to minimise your problems. Firstly you may need to jot down your priorities.You must learn to differentiate between your basic and luxury needs.As the week shows no financial gains you may need to cut down on extravagance.A stitch in time saves nine! As stated you may need to properly channelize your income and expenses so that you could easily sail through your sunny days. Future becomes certain when a person has stored enough for his emergency needs.Thus, if you make yourself financially stable and self-sufficient you may not need to go through those rough patches in life in future.


Careerwise, Taurus businessmen may have a smooth sailing. They may be filled with enthusiasm and strength which in turn may motivate them to go on and crack huge profitable deals.Traders and manufacturers may want to increase their stock size. A competitive strategy may lead them to enormous success.On the office front juniors may be scrutinized by seniors.This may motivate them to work efficiently and complete their pending projects in time.They may need to follow instructions.Factors like job insecurity and position may constantly trigger their minds. Tough tasks may get accomplished by successful team work.

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