Summer recipes for pets to cool them down this year


With the onset of summer, it is important to know what is good and safe to feed your dogs. While we don’t want to change their daily meals, we do have the opportunity to be able to give them some fresh home-made treats which will cool them down.

We all know that dogs have a higher internal body temperature than us humans and hence, it is important that we tweak their diets in the summer months so as to avoid them feeling too hot. A higher core temperature will result in hair loss in patches, dehydration and panting.

Some key food elements to avoid in summer are mutton, beef (buffalo meat) and egg yolks. While some pet parents feed their dogs mangoes, they are to be avoided too.

Some food elements which are good for your dogs in summer are chicken, egg white, curd, cucumber, cauliflower and brown rice.

Ishmeet Singh Chandiok, Founder, Harley’s Corner shares some recipes that you can make at home and treat your dog with during these hot months:

  • *Wash and clean the bones thoroughly
  • *Do not remove the marrow
  • *Boil the bones with the mint in a pressure cooked for 4-5 whistles
  • *Let it cool and remove any marrow and meat and leave it in the soup

After you make the broth, you can serve this in multiple ways;

a. Chilled — as a soup in the summer months

b. Frozen — keep 1 ice cube tray and make ice of the broth and serve it after your dog comes back from a walk

  • *Boil and puree the liver
  • *Whisk the curd until smooth
  • *Mix the liver and the curd till blended well
  • *Portion this out into 5 small bowls/containers and freeze

You can replace the liver with blended raw bananas, mashed sweet potato also. This is to be served frozen as an ice cream

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