Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 4th – 10th April 2021


Love and Relationships

Childhood friendships may get rekindled at social functions.The period may be very exciting as meeting old friends can make you feel nostalgic.However, you may face hurdles to convert this friendship into a love affair.Minor disagreements with family members may put you in stress.It may be advisable for you to try and come in terms with them and resolve the matter peacefully.You may have to play the role of a mediator in family issues to keep harmony between members. A relationship may blossom but be sure you don’t overindulge into it. You may face crucial times so tread carefully in the early stages.


Under graduates may get exposed to new learning and this may show development in their studies.Distractions may play the spoilsport so students need to remain attentive and put in the best of their efforts to memorise topics.Youngsters longing for further studies in International Universities may get a golden opportunity to fulfill their desires.The period may prove favourable for them to pursue their dreams.


The Scorpio natives may be shining with good health during this period. They may remain active and exuberant all around the week. However ,some minor ailments may crop up.But if they are vigilant and follow the prescribed medications then illnesses could be kept at bay.Moderate exercises may do the needful and keep them in good shape.Middle aged people may face fluctuating blood pressure levels.They may keep a check on the same by reducing their salt consumption.This may help them to normalise the exceeded levels.


In business it may be advisable for Scorpio natives to take limited risks. As during this period Jupiter transits in its sign of debilitation, that is the earth sign Capricorn.Jupiter is the wealth planet but is moving with malicious Ketu.Prepare a detailed chart and pen it down in your inward as well as outward register.So that you maintain a complete summary of your stock.You may have no reason to worry as there maybe hurdles but the air may clear off very soon.Income may increase with no significant rise in expenses.Thus if you maintain your balance sheet well you may see a rise in your savings figures.


The period may infuse confidence in business professionals to explore new regions to increase the vicinity of their markets. They may take the lead and enter into risky deals in order to attain their set goals.Entrepreneurs carrying on overseas trade may have to travel to crack big profitable deals.They may have to plan strategically in order to sustain competition and surpass business rivals.Office going professionals may have to speed up with their pending assignments and improve their efficiency.A stitch in time saves nine,this proverb may be perfect for them as their hard work may yield good results..They get rise to better positions in future. The period shows an effective career growth for Scorpio natives.

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