Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 4th – 10th April 2021

Love and Relationships

Love may blossom for singles who may get back to their teenage friendships.However,it may not be deemed to take their relationship to the next level in the present circumstances.They may have to look out for occasions to get things done rightly.On the domestic front there may difference of opinions.This may give disfigure the peace and harmony of your house.You may need to relax and sort out issues amicably.For love couples it may be the period for the commencement of a new relationship.Be sure you don’t fall for the person before giving him/her a thorough check.In marriage couples may get astray from their spouse or partner due to their unusual behaviour.However, they may make a good attempt to rekindle the romance and keep the flame burning.


Educationally the week may be very good for the Sagittarius native as the exalted Sun moves through the fifth house of this sign.Children may get moulded with good learning and this may also boost up their memorising skills.However,it may not be the ripe time for science and IT students undergoing graduation ,as they may not make it upto the mark in spite of hard work.They may not get depressed as hard work pays in the long run.Post graduates may need to avoid distractions and get focused. Following teachers or elders advice may help them to get through flying colours.


You may need to be more precarious healthwise as the week shows some past ailments cropping.Ignorance may cost you so it is advisable for you to seek medical aid as and when needed. However, with Jupiter passing over the sixth house you may become immune to your ailments. Medication may work quite well with you speeding up the recovery process.You may have complications with your eyes especially the left one so make sure you get them thoroughly checked by an ophthalmologist.Plan out a diet chart and follow a strict health regime to keep diseases at bay.This may help boost up your immune system and refresh you.


The major house of investment that is the second house is ruled by the harsh Saturn.As for Saturn it also rules the third house of the Sagittarius zodiac sign.Moreover,Jupiter will be moving with the malefic Ketu through the third house weakening its positive energy.But the Sagittarius native has reason to worry as this planetary placement may bring in positive news related to their finances.There may an inflow of cash but it will be only extended to a limited time period.This may be a alert for curbing all your expenses as they may overshadow your income during the week.It may be advisable for you to prioritize your expenses over income. It may be very prudent for you to handle the balance sheet and make a proper account of your assets and liabilities.Overall all a good week with nothing much to worry about for the Sagittarius natives.


With the movement of Jupiter passing over the tenth house,the Sagittarius native may make a positive move towards his professional goal.It may bring in positive changes at the job front.Entrepreneurs may need to put in extra efforts to crack big deals.Office professionals may need to more than routine hours to meet deadlines and sustain their position.All over professionally the Sagittarius native may have project good growth in his professional front.Overseas travel may prove beneficial for working professionals as well as traders.However,they need to be cautious while travelling.

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