Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 11th – 17th April 2021


Love and Relationships

A long forgotten love affair may rekindle for the Sagittarius natives.Although a single meeting may leave them in shatters and they may yearn for more love encounters at places where they may have the liberty to voice their emotions.However,a single meeting may work wonders for them and they may enter into wedding ties.On the personal front some petty domestic issues may give you stress.Tactful handling and an amicable approach may soon vanish the bruises.They make take these steps to ensure the family atmosphere remains joyous and harmonious.Those in marriage may plan out special moments to surprise their spouse.


In the education field graduates and diploma students may get themselves engaged in some co-curricular activities.This may put hurdles in their learning process as they may not be able to give the required time to study.This may adversely affect their final grades.Thus they may need to get focused during the week.As for post graduates who may face distractions which may deter them from their path of learning.So they may need to make harsh decisions and keep academics as their topmost may be advisable for them to follow necessary tips and inputs given by mentors and teachers as it may the golden key to success.


The week may keep minor respiratory disorders nagging the Sagittarius natives. Therefore they may be advised to stay away from congested and polluted areas.Maintaining a healthy diet and avoiding oily and undercooked food may be the highlights for the week.They may be advised to follow a diet chart that includes nutritious elements needed for a fit body.Middle age group people may need to get extra cautious with their health.Patients with high blood-sugar levels may need to closely monitor their readings.High blood pressure persons may be advised to regularise their medication and in case of abnormal levels of pressure consult their physician.


Saturn is the house of finance and will be transiting in its other sign Aquarius along withMars.Both these planets will be moving through the 3rd house of the Sagittarius sun sign during the week.This planetary movement may bring in lucrative investment opportunities for these natives. However, this period may show a favourable time for your finances but it may not be advisable for them to plunge into new investments for the time being.Money sources may multiply. Avoiding unnecessary expenses and emphasizing on the savings factor may be the need of the hour.With immense cash reserves they may be able to cope up with their routine and unexpected expenses.


Office employees may need to grow vigilant with their work performances.It may become necessary for them to get committed to the assigned tasks and complete them within the given deadlines.They may need to make it sure that their overall performance does affect the growth of the organization.However, these professionals may outshine and may move towards a promising career.Entrepreneurs on short trips may succeed in getting commendable business.While travelling they may need to get extra careful with their important papers and money.A time to crack multiple deals may be on the rise for individual business professionals.A thorough background check of new customers may prevent them from falling prey to fraudulent transactions.All over,they may be advised to keep major business decisions pending for the time being.

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