Ram Rajya – Utopian and Realism in Political Progression

Ram Sita Lakshman Temple

“Rama was the soul of the old king, but he was a king, and he could not go back on his word” .quoted Sri Swami Vivekananda on the mass influencer of the Indian Subcontinent Lord Sri Ram. Lord Ram is worshipped by Hundreds of crores of people across the globe belonging to the Hindu religion.

Valmiki authored “Ramayan” clearly illustrates the Character of Ram. His compassion, truthfulness, empathy, humanity, Administration are the qualities that every individual wish to have in the Materialistic world ignoring Karma.

However, in Kalyug the attempts to malign the Identity of Ram has become normal that angered the Majority of Hindus. Therefore BJP owned Ram and as a result, it garnered support from people who thought that they have been divided into caste lines. Hence it is widely said that ” Mandal divided and Mandir United”. In every election manifesto of BJP Ram Janmbhoomi issue was present.


Ram Rajya’ envisages a society in which virtue, morality and justice are the core ideas around which day-to-day interactions between citizen and citizen and state and citizen occur devout Hindu, Gandhi was greatly influenced by the teachings of the RamayanaGandhi said that for him a true Ram Rajya would ensure “equal rights to both prince and pauper”

Gandhi is a staunch believer in Ram and he emphasised more on the ethical and moral behaviour of Citizens. He was Idealistic to the core and so were his thoughts remained the same but that should not demean his Consistent Views on Ram Rajya and his consent shall be noted.


Identity politics has brought Ram Rajya into Limelight once again under Nationalist Party which worked extremely hard to consolidate the Ram devotees and brought them under one umbrella. Ram Rajya essentially means the Governance in Righteous path following Dharma and taking care of citizens.

Democracy shall be used as a tool to bring in Ram Rajya for the welfare of the people and at the same time growth and development of the Nation-State shall not be halted. So to make Bharat Vishwa guru once again Ram Rajya will certainly make the fine ground to bring Utopian State to a very much realistic state.

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