PM Modi asserts on not falling prey to misinformation on Covid-19


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday appealed to countrymen to seek all Covid related information only through correct sources and not to fall prey to misinformation.

Addressing the nation in the 76th episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat’, Modi said, “If you need any information, if you have any apprehension, get the information only from the correct source.”

He said that for right information one can consult one’s family doctor or doctors in the neighbourhood on the phone. “I am noticing that many of our doctors are taking upon themselves this responsibility, on their own to educate people. Many doctors are providing information to people through social media. They are counseling on phone and WhatsApp. Many hospitals have websites where information is available. You can seek advice of doctors too,” he said.

The Prime Minister informed the countrymen that in the days gone by, to tide over this crisis, he had long deliberations with experts from various sectors.

“People from our Pharma industry, vaccine manufacturers, those connected with oxygen production, experts from the medical field have put forth their valuable suggestions to the government. This time, to emerge victorious in this battle, we have to accord priority to experts and scientific advice,” he said.

Modi explained that the Government of India is using its entire might to give a fillip to the endeavours of State Governments and the State Governments too are trying their best to fulfill their responsibilities.

“Presently, the country’s doctors and health workers are waging a colossal battle against Corona,” the Prime Minister said.

He also appealed to people not to fall prey to any rumour about vaccine. “All are getting aware of the importance of vaccine, so it is my appeal, don’t get swayed by any rumour about the vaccine,” he said.

He further stated: “You all must be knowing that people above 45 years of age can benefit from the free vaccine that has been sent to all state governments by the government of India.”

He highlighted that now from May 1 onwards, the vaccine is going to be made available for every person above 18 years in the country. Now the Corporate Sector, companies too will be able to participate in the programme of administering vaccine to their employees.

“I also want to say that the programme of free vaccine by the government of India, that is going on now, will continue further too. I appeal also to the states to extend the benefit of this free vaccine campaign of government of India to maximum number of people of their state,” the Prime Minister said.

He mentioned that after successfully confronting the first wave of Corona, the country was full of enthusiasm, full of self-confidence, but this storm (second wave) has shaken the country.

During his monthly radio programme, Modi interacted with doctors, nurses and other health care workers.

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