Pisces Weekly Horoscope 4th – 10th April 2021


Love and Relationships

Love relationships may transform into marriage ties as they may face constant pressure from family members to get hitched.In spite of this marriage may face delays due to financial restraints. You may spend quality time with your family and peace and harmony may prevail.Romantic relationships may face heat as your spouse or partner may get opinionated with some of your views.You may need to understand and give space to each other’s view to avoid any marital discord. Keeping a low ego may help you in cherishing the romantic moments.


Pisces students pursuing graduation may get inclined to put in more effort by opting ways of learning new techniques.They may get inquisitive about exploring new methods and adopt ways of learning things in a better way. This may help them to get through with flying colours.They may finish off with their syllabus in time with concentrated learning and quick memorising.This may help them in shine in their overall performances if they stick to their routine learning.Recreational activities may be the best remedy for monotonous reading and learning.However, a continuous long term effort and right guidance may help them in their bright academic career. Students longing to carve a bright future in international universities or colleges may see their dreams turn into reality.Overall,academically Pisces students may face a career growth during the week.


Healthwise Pisces may face some issues as suggested by the planetary influences.These natives may constantly need to monitor any health fluctuations. A slight change or variation in their regular physical activity may sound the alarm for them.Visit a doctor when symptoms erupt.Getting the right medication and following the prescribed medical chart will be advisable for them.Middle or old aged persons need to stay more vigilant during the week as past ailments may take over.They may need to resort to immediate medical aid to avoid further complications.You may get prone to accidents during this period so be more careful with you day to day activities.


Spending wisely and learning to balance one’s income and expenses may be the week’s highlights for Pisces natives.This period may bring an immense inflow of cash from past endeavours.It may be a profitable period reaping seeds out of the sweat of your brows! Mid-week may utilise some of your cash inflows as family and household expenses may troll.You may need to plan out your finances effectively.Don’t overindulge into spending and prioritize your needs.This may help you to maintain a healthy savings balance for your bad times. Above all, the week may be a financially satisfactory one.


Office professionals may need a boost to raise their efficiency levels and thereby improve their work performance.Insecurity may prevail as the future may hold some uncertainties with our current job position.It may be advisable for them to avoid any job switch as the planetary chart doesn’t show favourable time for it. Patience is bitter but its fruits are sweet!This saying may go well with the Pisces natives as their hard work may gain them future rewards.So it may be better for them to follow the wait and watch policy.Entrepreneurs may need to put in more efforts to gain big profitable deals.Those involved in overseas trade may need to travel to exploit ways to crack on large projects or assignments.

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