Pisces Weekly Horoscope 11th – 17th April 2021


Love and Relationships

An argument or a fight with a loved one may fill you with ill-feelings so it may be advisable for them to shun your negative thoughts. As carrying forward hatred may only play a vital role in ruining lives.Let going of ego and developing positive feelings may help them to nurture and strongly bind the relationship with their partner.They may need to give in some space to their spouse to express his/her views.Being opinionated may only broaden the gap in the relationship. Family affairs may give them stressful times. They are advised to develop an amicable nature and resolve differences to keep the environment joyful.They may grow dependent on their partner so it may be advisable for them to get independent and more cautious while making any decisions in choosing new friends.


A promising period for academicians. Undergraduates,IT and science graduates may find themselves at the pinnacle of success as they may get focused and concentrate on their learning process.Aiming in the right direction may help them in yielding future rewards.They may be able to allocate proper time to studies and may show excellent results in the final stage. Students longing to be a part of international colleges and universities of their choice may secure admissions.The planetary movement shows immense success in their respective fields.Post graduates may deter from their study course and may get distracted to various things.Although hard work may put them back on their way to a successful career.


Health needs to be seriously taken care of for the Pisces natives as they may get themselves prone to viral infections. It may be advisable for them to avoid junk food and unhealthy drinking water.A poor digestive system may cause discomfort and so it may become necessary for them to immediately consult a doctor.Cardiovascular exercises and morning walks may lessen the possibility of diseases resurfacing. Daily exercises,yoga or meditation may help them to keep their body in shape. Accidental injuries may see a rise during the week.Trying and avoiding high altitude places and if necessary ensuring to take precautionary measures may avoid major injuries.


Mars the house of finance will be moving with Saturn through the 12th house for the Pisces natives.With two negative planet influences there may be financial crunches for these natives.However, the generous debilitated Jupiter moving through the 11th house may give a sigh of relief by making way for some quick cash inflows.Unexpected and sudden cash flows may bring up the confidence level of the Pisces native.But, it may be advisable for them to keep aside cash for urgency needs.


Pisces is the sun sign ruled by Jupiter and it also takes the command of the 10th house of this native. It is concerned about the native’s occupation and profession.But during the week as the crucial Jupiter will be moving through the 11th house with Ketu’s malefic effect it may give adverse results to businessmen.They may have to strive harder to get through huge profitable deals from reputed high profile customers.Office professionals may face stressful working hours as work pressure may mount.They may find it necessary to complete assigned jobs in the given deadlines to prove their efficiency.They may not get hasty in making decisions related to their career during the week.

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