No BS to-do list for leaders

to-do list

Do you, as a leader, have a to-do list?

As leaders, we can get wildly thrown down in the mud that sucks our time and energy before doing anything meaningful. We are often left exhausted even before we step foot in the constructive world of ‘leading.’ this is a problem that resonated by leaders in numerous different fields. However, every problem has a solution. Am I cliche here?

Here is my brief list for you to follow (and create today) priority lists.

  1. The first thing to add to your list is that very thing that makes you feel positive and energetic. You knew I would start with this? Or do I have to rebuke you with all these reasons why you are priority number one? Reasons like, you can’t inspire if you’re drowning, you can’t drink from an empty well, nothing matters if you’re not there to savor it, people actually want to see you in decent shape. You get the idea. No martyrs, please. They only end up dying. Things that make you feel great can include things like massage, exercise, meditation, yoga, listening to Taylor Swift (Oh God), cuddling your bae, hanging out with the cats, gardening – whatever you cherish! As long as you enjoy it and it’s something you want to do, go for it and do it before doing anything else. Pamper yourself before leading, and others will see you as an inspiration. 
  2. Eliminate tolerations and burdens. These are stuff that dumps your energy – small and big. It could be the dust an inch thick on your bedroom tiles, or probably it is the extra bit of bubble wrap padding your elbow, or maybe it’s the oh-so-awful workload that is sucking the very life spirit out of you each minute. Handle anything – something – each day so that you can free up positive energy. If you deal with the more minor things first, you’ll clear the path to handle the ‘big’ stuff – much more efficiently and with less stress.
  3. Your priority should be everything else, according to these couple criteria: is this assisting my plans and life goals and purpose and, do I love doing it? Rank your assignments according to the tangible difference it will make in assisting your goals and how much you enjoy them. That’s it! I’m into uncomplicated methods. Otherwise, I just give up and try to do something else more exciting than micro-managing everything in my life


So my dear readers, what about you? What are your honest priorities? Why did I mention the word honest? Because you must not tell lies while reading. Get it? Do you have any advice to share on what makes the difference in dealing with time suckers and energy vampires? You can share your suggestions in the comment box below.

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