Netflix launches its shuffle feature as ‘Play Something’


(IANS) Streaming giant Netflix on Wednesday launched its shuffle feature as “Play Something” to users worldwide.

When selected, Netflix will play another show or movie it thinks you’ll like, based on your interests and prior viewing behaviour, TechCrunch reported.

In other words, it won’t play random content, but will instead bring up either a movie or show you’re already watching, a series or movie on your list, an unfinished series or movie you may want to revisit, or a brand new series or film that Netflix’s personalisation algorithms suggest.

The feature has been in testing under various names and styles for some time. A year ago, the feature was called Shuffle Play, for example.

During its Q4 earnings, Netflix said the shuffle feature would roll out to its worldwide users sometime in the first half of 2021, describing it as a way for users to “instantly watch a title chosen just for them.”

The new option can be found on Netflix’s TV app underneath your profile name, on the navigation menu to the left of your screen and on the tenth row on your Netflix homepage.

It will soon begin testing on mobile devices, starting with Android.

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