Nantou’s Best Hiking Trails for Adventure Junkies

Taiwan Nantou Cingjing Farm Walkway Path Railings

Taiwan’s hidden secret is a heaven, with gorgeous rolling hills, dozens of towering mountains over 3000m high, and stunning lakes. These natural gifts have sprouted unwinding resorts such as Sun Moon Lake, awe-inspiring mountain retreats like Cingjing, and charming towns with scenic railroads such as Checheng and Jiji. Nantou presents lots of breath-taking forests of many climes to hike or enjoy cherry blossoms in springtime or maple in colder months; Hehuanshan and Shanlinxi are examples. Indigenous tribes were the oldest settlers in the hilly areas here, and you can still get a glimpse of their culture in Nantou. Tea grows exceptionally well in Nantou, and if you love tea, the flavors of fine, high-altitude oolong will likely instill your memories of your travels here forever.

Hiking Trails and Mountains in Nantou

Hehuan Mountain

This gorgeous mountain has seven peaks, which you can scale. There are long tracks and shorter ones. The bus ride here is a fabulous and humorous scenic drive – don’t forget on the right side of the car or the bus. In case you are interested in doing more than just going down, and up the peak, you can explore one of the many regional mobile apps that has reliable and comprehensive tracks around Hehuan Mountain.

Main Peak

It should take no more than an hour to go up to the top and down from the road. An alternative to just strolling back is the trail that continues northeast towards the same route but further north – the area there is called 11 Song Xue Lou, which is where many visitors make a stop. This is fun and touristy.

East Peak

This should again not take longer than 30-40 minutes for a decent hike. The track either begins at the Wuling Bus Stop, right in Song Xue Lou at the main road or just before the Song Syue Lodge. While you are getting down, you can choose any of these three routes. It is exciting and simplest of them all.

North Peak

This stroll is the more challenging one. It takes at least a couple of hours to go up to the north peak and back again from the road. In fall and spring, bring something warm for the head, covered pants and a wind-breaker jacket, and perhaps a pair of gloves.

Jiujiufeng Forest Trail

Don’t forget to check out this trail. The tiny road north of it dives into this interestingly looking and picturesque mountain range, which leans up and is round at the peak, a little like stalactites. Also, the river valley nearby and the hills on the adjacent end exhibit the mystical geological movements in this area or are naturally great for a photograph.

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