Mexican doctors protest against government-run vaccine program

Mexican doctors protest

Many private-practice doctors, dentists and health care workers in Mexico are protesting that they have not been prioritized in the government-run coronavirus vaccine program even though they are exposed to possible infection at work.

The private health care workers blocked Mexico City’s streets while staging protests this week. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador defended the vaccination program on Friday, saying it had to focus on people over 60 years old to prevent deaths.

As he often has done in the past, López Obrador attributed the protests to a “very perverse” campaign by private media outlets against him.

“Let them wait…until we all get it,” López Obrador said, referring to the country’s age-based vaccination system.

That means private practice doctors would have to wait for their age group to get shots. The president said vaccines for people between 50 and 60 should start this month.

The president also said the next stage will be to vaccinate the country’s 3 million teachers, regardless of whether they teach at public or private schools.

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