Manhole Cover Lifter: Guide On How To Use It Like A Pro

A drainage and/or manhole cover can weigh up to a certain number of tonnes. Even if the number on the scale were at 1 (as in 1 tonne), that’s still much to deal with. Lifting this apparatus is no easy matter, which is why a pit lifter is the gadget to employ. 

Unsure of how to go about using one? We’re hoping you’ll find this step-by-step guide easy to follow. 

How To Use A Magnetic Pit Cover Lifter?

1. Unfold The Handle 

We should remind you that all of the parts of a drainage cover lifter are usually made with resilient and sturdy materials. This being so, even their locking mechanisms are not so easily detached unless you open them properly. 

This being said (and after browsing through the user manual), unfold the handle of the apparatus. You can identify it as the largest portion of the lifter. When folded, its handles and wheels should be parallel to each other. 

Most units have a single safety strap wrapped around the midsection of the folded handle. Simply remove this strap. Next, remove the handlebar from its folded and locked position by pulling it in a half-radial motion. You’ll know that it is already extended to its maximum when the handle itself lets out a clicking sound (another locking mechanism). 

2. Unfold The Lift Arm 

Following the unfolding of the long handle comes the unfolding of the lift arm (shorter of the two). Extend it in the direction opposite the lift handle. And just as the first, wait for it to “click” into lock mode. Not only that, but let its restraining braces be straightened out and flat, for it to be latched securely as well. 

The lifter should now appear ‘L”-shaped, similar to the way hand trucks look when upright. 

3. Dolley Plus Magnet 

Third, be sure to attach the high-strength magnet to the dolly. Use the locking pin to attach the dolly to the loop found atop the magnet. It should take no more than a few twists to slip the pin through, hassle-free. Also, ascertain that the entire part of the pin has gone through the said loop. 

The pin has a kind of key that you can insert at the end of said pin to keep it from being dislodged from the connecting loop (for the dolly and the magnet). The handle has to face away from the dolly itself. 

***Locking pin tip: Add another pin to one of the lower holes to further secure the connection between the dolly and the magnet. 

4. Magnet Plus Lid 

Once you’ve positioned the magnet on the lid, pull the magnet lever to the ”on” portion. This will allow the magnet to grip the lid tightly. Push down on the handle so as to “lift” the drainage cover perpendicular to the hole. 

And with the wheels of the lifter outside of the radius of the lid, swivel the lifter towards the side so as to lift the cover. 

5. Releasing The Lid 

In releasing the lid, set it on the surface you want it to stay on. Set the same lever towards “off”. This will let the magnet be unclasped from the cover. 

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