Major Differences Between Realistic Artworks Vs Decorative Artworks

photo of blue and orange abstract painting
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Art is a somewhat misunderstood term. At the same time, it is an all-embracing term and can genuinely mean a melange of things. When we talk of decorative art painting, we usually refer to a decor worth picture. That is to say, it can be used as a showpiece and helps you revamp your wall’s look. So it goes without saying that such paintings are visually striking and often take motivation from scenery or nature.

Realistic art often goes more profound, and its principal objective is not to gratify your visual senses but to generate a stir deep within. It places higher importance on the heart than on the brain. So, visually it may appear a tad dull, but a perceptive eye can quickly delve into the painter’s mind and take out all the emotions which have been entrusted into this piece.

But art is difficult to define. Besides, beauty indeed lies in the eye of the beholder. At times, one may fall in love with a painting that an unknown young amateur has done, and the individual may buy it over and ahead of some of the more popular names.

Unique decorative art may seek to give your offices and homes a stunning look, but it would be unwise to say that they do not border on realism or do not convey emotions. Some decorative paintings can be pretty fanciful and may have taken birth in a moment of hallucinated fantasy. But there are numerous such paintings that carry deeper meanings and often evoke a spectrum of emotions.

Painting is a subject of perspective. Some observers can find more realism in a decorative artwork than in a realistic painting. In contrast, some people may find a real painting to be more decorative than a decorative art piece.

There is a thin line between the two. But if one should conclude, then it would suffice to say that a decorative art painting is a preferred choice for the commoners. It is also more easily understandable since it is usually targeted at a lay audience.

These conceptual artworks can give fresh pep to your home and help you live in a comfier space within a much loveable surrounding. Though decorative paintings glamorize your wall and boost the visual appeal, they also create a space in your heart and help you rise up every day with a fresh surge of smile and hope.


Realistic art pieces are meant to generate an intellectual response or evoke an emotional reaction. They can carry a mixture of ideas and emotions – bad and good, disturbing, shocking, or even sinister. Decorative art, on the other hand, is limited by its decorative purpose.

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