MacBook Problems You Should Expect to Encounter Eventually


If you plan to purchase a MacBook, you should not go wrong. Apple computers are known for their reliability, and they should last for a long time.

With that said, you should still expect to run into some problems now and then. While more reliable, Macs also have hardware that could break down eventually. Besides, it does not help that some people do not take proper care of their computers. 

Knowing what potential issues you can expect in advance should come in quite handy because you will know how to act. For the most part, you should take care of the problems yourself. However, if you run into some serious issues and cannot figure a way out, do not hesitate to take the MacBook to a service store and have professionals look at it. Check out

Lack of Free Drive Storage

Let’s start with the lack of drive storage. Overall, MacBooks are pretty lackluster storage-wise, especially if you have a model that comes with a solid-state drive rather than a hard drive.

It is recommended to have roughly 10 percent of total computer drive storage free. Having only a few gigabytes of free storage will result in significant performance issues.

To check storage on mac, go to the Apple icon at the top-left corner. Click on it, and proceed to the storage tab. You will see the status of your MacBook’s drive.

To free up the storage, you will need to get rid of temporary system junk, old applications, downloads, and other redundant files. Delete them from the system permanently.

Another piece of advice would be to transfer some files to external hard drives, USB drives, and cloud storage.

Lastly, if you like to hoard media files on the MacBook, why not switch to available streaming platforms and watch movies or TV shows on them instead?

Slow Internet and Browser

A poor internet connection could be a problem because of your ISP. However, if you call them and the internet provider confirms that things are okay on their end, you will have to look for other methods to improve your internet.

Try restarting the computer and see whether that improves the connection. If restarting does not help, disconnect and reconnect to the network. 

Third-party peripherals like a wireless printer could be interfering with the signal, so check if the internet is faster when you use the laptop away from other devices.

In case the problem lies with the internet browser, try removing unnecessary browser extensions and clearing the cache. Changing to another internet browser could help as well.

Flickering Screen

A flickering screen can become quite annoying. Sure, restarting the MacBook is usually enough to solve the problem. However, if it becomes too persistent, you will need to restart your Mac more often than you would like.

The likeliest cause behind the issue is an incompatibility between the graphics processing unit and the macOS version you are using. If it takes too long for Apple to release a hotfix, it is recommended to switch back to an older operating system version and wait for the next update from Apple. 

Loud Internal Fan Noises

Do not wait too long if you hear loud noises from the internal MacBook fans. The sounds indicate that the internal hardware is overheating, and you need to cool the laptop before you encounter problems with the internal hardware.

There are three effective methods to eliminate loud internal fan noises:

  • Limit background applications and visual effects to free up the system resources
  • Invest in a cooling pad, an accessory that provides a source of cool air for the laptop
  • Clean the dust that accumulates inside and clean it regularly

Failure to Back up Data

Despite the fact that MacBooks are quite reliable, you should not risk it and back up your data. Having a copy of your files means that you can restore the data in case something happens to the computer’s hardware or if your Mac gets attacked by malware.

If you use Time Machine to back up the MacBook data and encounter problems, make sure that the external hard drive is formatted properly. Also, keep in mind that the lack of macOS updates could also cause data backup problems.

Lackluster Performance Playing Video Games

While MacBooks are not an optimal choice to play video games, you should still not have trouble enjoying indie titles like Hades, Hollow Knight, Stardew Valley, Celeste, Cuphead, Undertale, and other games that have low requirements.

However, you may encounter random FPS drops, crashes, or even freezes. And if lowering in-game settings does not help, the problem is in the computer.

Of course, the easiest solution would be not to play the games or upgrade the hardware. However, there are other ways to improve gaming on a Mac experience, like limiting background applications, having enough free drive space, disabling visual effects, and reducing desktop clutter.

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