Looking at why Earth stands a chance against Climate Change

Ross 128b, Proxima Centauri b, Kepler 452b, Trappist 1e these are currently the most Habitable Exoplanets, that means all these planets are long-distance relatives of Earth capable of hosting life but let’s be honest, none of them give you the feeling of home, self-belonging, familiarity, safe, environment, atmosphere, growth, civilization or the vibe when you say the word ‘Earth’ though I believe the ‘environment’ part of it is a little damaged.

The very civilization is responsible for altering the chemical composition of Earth, we have injured Earth, today it doesn’t matter if the injury was caused by the capitalist mindset or wreckless population explosion, the fact is our Earth is hurt and it screaming in its obvious way, asking for help because she knows the potential of humanity after all Earth has nurtured humanity, every component in the environment has helped human grow and evolve to an extent that we are now able to observe Mars without even going there.

The Earth knows this because we have extracted/borrowed metals from her, she knows if there is any species capable of saving her is right here on the planet, she is just asking you to stop the blame game and work together for some time and fix her after that you can go back to what you were doing.

She is not expecting that you will abandon all the development and go back to square one, no parent would ever want that for their kid, same is our Planet, we are her children, cosmologically speaking! Our Earth is just expecting that she has nurtured you enough that you will be able to figure out a way to develop in a manner that does not hurt her and heals her in the meantime.

She is an epitome of power, that would never come to help instead will always be ready to help but our Earth is asking to stop hurting her because she is not able to nurture or provide the way she wants to.

Now it is our time to give her back, all that we can, I understand the conundrum between development and environment but I also believe that we can develop most sustainably if all brains come together and unite putting aside differences and do our bit, if 7B people do one bit then it equals to 7B bits and that is a lot, and provide a good start to our endeavor to heal Earth. The Earth has a chance, we have a chance to make it better.

Sure, Ross 128b, Proxima Centauri b, Kepler 452b, Trappist 1e exist or at best be our back up but one should always remember there would be no National or International boundaries or commodities or luxuries to work for there will be no left or right, ideologies will cease from existence, the term Earthlings would be forever lost, now it is our choice, so choose wisely and Earth knows humans are wise!

Remember people, together we will heal the Earth and Save the Earth.

PS: Happy Birthday Earth. We are going to fix it!

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