Libra Weekly Horoscope 11th – 17th April 2021

Love and Relationships

Those in love may get an ultimatum to get married to their love interest or in the community.However, marriage is a sacred bond and so there are chances of the native entering into ties with their long-time love interest.But,a detailed background check may help before making commitments.Married couples may experience a tough time as they may not meet up to the expectations of their partner.It may become necessary for them to give space to their spouse and understand things from his/her view point.Insensitiveness may broaden the gap and so it may be advisable for them to make decisions considering their partner’s like and dislikes.A forgetting and forgiving approach will ease the tension but inflated egos may never make way for a peaceful solution.


IT or science graduates may need to pull up their socks as the week advises them to get focused on studies.This may help them to retain their grasping power and give fruitful results in the final stage.Meditation may help them to get inclined towards the study process.It may help in detoxification process to remove stress and reinforce back their energy levels.To sum up it may sharpen the memory and get their mind focused towards effective learning.An excellent period for students who may shine out with flying colours.Post graduate students may get a golden opportunity of interacting with mentors and teachers and gaining useful tips from them.Higher level study students may make it upto the mark.


Staying vigilant healthwise will be the best remedy for the Libra natives throughout the week.There may be issues like past ailments soaring up.But consulting a physician in time may be of utmost importance, so as to avoid future complications.A sweet tooth may make you overindulgent in eating delicacies and soft drinks injurious to your body.Diabetic patients specially need to watch out with it as their blood-sugar levels may see a rise.Constant monitoring by a physician and regular health check-ups may help in stabilising the levels.Besides this light exercises and morning walks may add to your vitality and strength.


It may be party time for Libra natives as they may have money showers.The period may bring in abundant cash reserves stabilising your financial status.Getting into fraudulent means to double profits may seem lucrative but get sensible before you fall into a trap.Family expenditure may consume a large part of your income.They may arise need to store enough cash reserves for future contingencies.Let saving be your biggest resolution for the week.Don’t turn a deaf ear to the needs of your family.


A hectic but surprisingly favourable week for businessmen who may strike big profitable deals all at once.Backward integration may prove helpful for manufacturers who may find it useful to improve their working techniques.Worker welfare schemes may be beneficial to implement.This may increase your goodwill among the staff and in return it may positively affect the production process.Office professionals may need to do more to prove their efficiency.It may become necessary to prove their work competency without discrepancies.A thorough check is inevitable for the growth of the organization.Planetary influences suggest successful business trips by small traders.

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