Leo Weekly Horoscope 18th – 24th April 2021

Love and Relationships

Those looking forward to new relationships may find the week interesting as they may encounter chances of falling in love. Those already in relationships may face a rough time as a rift in the relationship may make things go sour. Make sure you sort out any pending matters that may ruin your future relationship. The life of married couples may hit the rocks. Develop a habit of being vocal about your feelings and sit across the table to sort out your differences amicably. Staying careless towards petty issues might flare up the situation where things may run out of control causing heavy casualties to the relationship. However, the weekend might bring some good opportunities to resolve all your differences.


Hard work and concentration may help students to make a mark in their respective careers. This may be the best time for those appearing for competitive examinations. Students looking forward to higher studies may carve a niche in their principal subjects. They may get appreciation and support from mentors which may eventually clear all their doubts related to studies. They may successfully move ahead with their career with a clear perspective about their preferred subjects and the faculty in which they would pursue their career.


Leos may maintain good fitness and energy levels, which may make them careless towards their health. This may gradually put up some health issues before them. Irregular meals may be the reason for health disorders. It may be advisable for you to keep your health parameters in shape during the week. This may be a favorable time for you to consume a healthy balanced diet and keep up to some regular exercising to remain fit and fine. Barring a few fluctuations, Leos may maintain good energy levels throughout the week.


Finance may be the highlight for the week as stars work favorably for Leo. You may come across interesting opportunities that may make you financially stable throughout the week. You may discover a new source to generate and enhance your earnings. Lady luck may follow you all through the week as you may not have to slog for money. However, it may be advisable for you to refrain from making speculative deals as risky dealings may wash you off from a major part of your savings during the latter part of the week. Some losses may be indicated for the period. It may, therefore, become necessary for you to keep away from major dealings especially around the weekend.


Businessmen may succeed in maintaining their goodwill and a vast customer base. You may face hurdles in keeping up with the day to day activities but you may handle the pressure efficiently. Those in partnerships may have strained relations with trading partners and therefore may need to adopt a balanced approach. Nonetheless, it may be the best time to showcase your abilities. You may have to work for long extended work hours to meet deadlines. Make sure you don’t get carried away by stress and tension and devote some time for relaxation and refreshment to maintain your efficiency levels.

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