Leo Weekly Horoscope 11th – 17th April 2021

Love and Relationships

Singles may have a gala time as it may be the most happening week for meeting the love of their life! They may get inclined to interesting persons of the opposite sex in their surroundings.It may transform into a strong bonding as mutual reciprocation may balance the love scales.Outings or picnics to resorts may help family members gel well and harmony may prevail.New relationships may simmer as Venus the love planet may sprinkle romance all through the 11th house of the Leo natives.However, they may need to authenticate things before moving ahead with any person of the opposite sex.Getting opinionated may extract love from the lives of married couples.Therefore, they may need to get extra sensitive while dealing with their spouse.


Education may face good times as students may get progressive in their respective careers.It may be an excellent period for them as they may get focused and attain valuable tips from their mentors to excel in their study course.Besides,this may need to exert more efforts to maintain the excellency level.The slightest of distraction may adversely affect their final grades.Maintaining focus is the most toughest part of learning and this may be a time testing period for them.Post graduates may get self-dependent with a job to cater to their college and personal expenses.It may become necessary for them to prioritise their job with academics to get excellent results.


Leos may sail smoothly healthwise as no major health concerns are indicated for the week.But,they may need to get more health conscious as junk food or unhealthy drinking water may give them minor sores in the coming period.It may be advisable for them to refrain from oily or fatty foods.Light exercises and regular morning walks may definitely help them to stay fit and fine.Cycling,brisk walking and swimming may be good options for heart functioning.To stay physically fit these activities may be an added advantage as it may help them in detoxing stress and fatigue after a hectic work schedule.They may need to stay alert while driving as minor accidents may give them superficial injuries.It may be advisable for them to pull down on their vehicle speed.


Finance may be the centre for Leo natives all through the week.There may be immense cash flows strengthening their monetary status.Past investments may bring in unexpected money flowing from different directions.This may boost up their confidence but at the same time it may be advisable for them to refrain from further investments.Short cuts or easy earnings may lure them into schemes that may appear lucrative at that moment.Resorting to unfair means may only prove to be disastrous.Planning out meticulously may help them maintain a healthy bank balance. So it may become highly important for them to curtail their unwanted expenses.


With Mars moving through the 7th house with an eye over the 10th house, Leos may professionally get more active.Office persons may face unwanted impediments at work.Entrepreneurs may get success in striking big profitable deals with high profile customers.However,a temporary delay may put them into complex situatons.It may be the testing hour so it may be advisable for them to get patient with things.Their hard work may come out with flying colours as time matures.

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