How to Write a Perfect Explainer Video Script in 6 Steps

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Once you’re done with the research of an explainer video, then writing a script is the next crucial step. Even though you want to do another study, you want to make sure it doesn’t take much time beyond the deadline.

Beginners think that they have to collect as much info as possible before penning a script. It is the most harmful type of procrastination out there. Sometimes you work all day, and at the end of the day, you feel like you haven’t achieved anything.

There are numerous vital tips that you must know before writing a script for an explainer video, and we will explore that in our today’s article.

  1. Don’t spend way too much time on research. You are a scriptwriter and not a researcher. Pick up experts and authorities/specialists and carefully select the points you wish to add in your explainer video. Don’t waste time researching everything alone.
  2. Keep it short. The script’s length will solely depend on your audience. A fascinated audience in an auditorium is attentive for about six to eight minutes before starting to drift. However, an internet teenager is active on a video for around 1 minute before scrolling away. Write a script that should be shorter than 2 minutes. 
  3.  Put your crucial message in the first 20 seconds. Reduce the entire message of your video to one sentence. Twenty seconds is all it takes.
  4. Speak to your audience. The simplest way to talk to an audience is to use personal pronouns like “your” and “you.” Another way to involve your audience is to present them with things they care deeply about. Be inclusive and cover those things which the audience should know about you that will bring them to trust you.
  5. Most explainer video scripts talk about a problem, propose a solution, explain how it works in the easiest possible words, and drive viewers to action. Be solution-oriented and keep it simple.
  6. Use humor. When you’re penning a script, use humor properly whenever you find an opportunity. Your young audience can connect with the info you’re passing just by laughing. Is it not amazing to make your viewers laugh? In fact, if you do this, then your public wants to explore more and more of your videos.


Remember, writing a script demands a lot from you; please don’t procrastinate, just get it done correctly. Explainer videos are all about talking about a problem, explaining it, and offering a simple yet effective solution. Please keep it simple, be incredibly precise and ensure that you communicate with your audience through the script/video in a positive light. 

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