How To Use Confident Body Language and Voice Projection To Attract Others

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When people seek out how to attract the love of their lives, they are usually given the same advice every time. They are told to find confidence and ‘just be themselves.’ Well, this is entirely useless because odds are they know this already. What they don’t know is how to be themselves and how to be confident.

Body Language: The key to look confident and genuinely feel positive is to feel good. Have you ever felt uptight and nervous and noticed that your body language simply changes? Chances are you cross your hands or arms, slouch forward, and take up less space (randomly standing with your feet close together). When anyone sees this, they automatically lose attraction towards you. Now picture a time when you felt laid back and comfortable.

Chances are your body language was very loose and relaxed. If you were sitting down, you were perhaps leaned back with your legs and arms spread out. Or maybe if you were at a pub, you stood with a relatively confident posture, taking up space (relatively wider foot stance) and perhaps even leaned back on a wall holding your beer down low (not nervously up by your shoulder). Well, when anyone sees this, they assume you are a confident person. All qualities that they are highly attracted too.

Vocal Projection: Let’s face it: most of us crave a better sounding voice for ourselves. And listening to pretty actresses, famous actors, and sexy podcast hosts all day long doesn’t help that proposition. However, you need to know that you have significantly more control over the end product — your voice — than you apparently think. With practice, you can use the power of vocal projection and vocal tonality to transform how you sound for the better.

Paralinguistics is the art of balancing the tone, staccato, and cadence of your voice and the words we say to one another. The quality of your voice, for instance, tells someone a lot about how you’re feeling. Changes and pauses in pitch similarly imply specific emotions or thought patterns. If you can adapt and better the pauses and changes in your voice, you will sound incredibly attractive and pull everyone closer to you. So, to sound better, all you need to do is practice pauses and changes in your voice. 

The pitch and pauses in your voice convey that you are a leader and are used to respecting you and listening to you. Speak louder, know where to pause, and don’t think of talking to people. Think of talking THROUGH people.

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