How to Sew a DIY Apron

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It’s much more comfortable to make an apron than you might think, particularly with this DIY. It’s one of the earliest apron styles you can make. Which makes it the ideal beginner sewing project.

But it’s also adorable! I feel like it would make an inexpensive (and sweet) gift for a family member or friend that likes to bake, cook, art, etc.

DIY Apron

Things Required

  • scissors
  • Two yards of thick(ish) fabric
  • pencil or tailor’s chalk
  • a thread that matches the fabric
  • sewing machine
  • cloth tape measure

The most suitable fabric for a DIY apron is the fabric you already have, if feasible! Because using fabric, you already have will save money and reduce waste.

Simple Procedure

  1. Cut fabric pieces: Properly cut a piece of fabric down to size – 30 inches high by 24 inches wide.
  2. Fold and measure: Then, with the tip of the fold to your left, measure over from the fold 5 inches and make a small mark.
  3. Measure and create a curved line: Then measure from the opposite side 15 inches high from the bottom and make a tiny mark.
  4. Cut the fabric on that line: Cut on that line that was made in the above, through both the layers of fabric.
  5. Hem with a sewing machine: Hem with a sewing machine to formulate a finished edge all the way around the apron.
  6. Add the long straps: Next, it’s time to add the long straps. For the back ties, find the very end of the arm area, where the bottom of the curved line meets that vertical fabric line.
  7. Add the shorter strap: Then, at the top of the neckline, add the shorter strap the same way you added the back ties in step 6.

When you are successful in creating your first homemade apron, you would want to try more high-level patterns. It can be fancy or plain, depending on your preference. Men also like aprons that are created at home, which they can use when cooking or barbecuing.

Your DIY Apron is ready. 

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