How To Make A Crochet Dreamcatcher

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Dream catchers are ancient crafts that are extensively used to remove bad dreams when you sleep at night. Apart from dream catchers that you can hang in your room, you will now see the dream catchers in the form of bracelets and even necklaces, so you can wear them with you wherever and whenever to keep bad omens at bay. When it comes to the authentic catcher, materials used have symbolic importance that can be specific to the age or wearer. You, therefore, want to pick accordingly to make sure you settle with the best.

Crotchet dream catchers are most popular, probably because of their beautiful looks. You can choose from a vast range of patterns or be imaginative enough to crotchet your own unique pattern if you have crocheting skills.

If you want to make it yourself, we have you covered in this article today.

Things Needed

  • Embroidery hoop 8 cm diameter
  • White thread
  • 4.00 mm & 4.5 mm
  • Tapestry needle
  • Decorative items ( fabric scraps, beads, lace, ribbon, yarn, cords)
  • Worsted weight yarn


Using your stiff tapestry needle, sew the doily properly on the hoop. Alternatively, use some clean white thread and tie the doily’s edges to the hoop with thread.

Pick all your decorative items, lace ribbon, yarn, cords, and fabric scraps, and begin tying to the bottom of your ready dreamcatcher. Using yarn from Mary Maxim, make a big chain and tie it to the foot of your dreamcatcher. If desired add feathers, or beads.

Tips on Choosing a Crotchet Dream Catcher Pattern.

  1. Pick a crochet hook that appeals to you most. These hooks are never created equally, and the various features can appeal differently to different people. You, therefore, should pick a hook that works for you or for the individual that you intend to make it for.
  2.  The crotchet tool size should also matter before you begin the crotchet pattern you find most fit. The sizes are in the different needle and hook sizes usually used in fabric crocheting. Find out what options you are, and then make your decision accordingly.
  3. Think about the crotchet yarn density. The yarn that you yarn or use that is already used in your pattern can determine the overall look of your pattern. Thick yarns can make very durable and sturdy dream catchers and give off wonderful patterns. Thinner yarns, on the other hand, can be very simple to work with when crocheting and can give your dream catcher that is just as attractive and beautiful even though they may not be as strong.
  4. To get a more amazing versatile dream catcher, consider designing one that has an adaptable ring. This may take a little skill to achieve, but in the end, you will be happy with how versatile the dream catcher becomes.

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