How to Cope With Depression in a Long Distance Relationship

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The key to overcoming the depression caused by long-distance and being able to stay joy-filled and happy, and strengthening the relationship are some simple things you can do. It really does not matter that you are in a long-distance relationship; as long as you go on to communicate often, you do small things for each other to improve the feeling of connection, be active when you are apart to feel less depressed and lonely and have a plan on what you are going to do when you are going to see each other next.

Communicate Regularly

One way to ensure you don’t get sad during a long-distance relationship is to ensure that you are often communicating. Learn what works best for both of you. Some couples love the phone; others hate it. Some enjoy chatting; It really doesn’t matter what you use for communicating, just keep on communicating. And use some of the unique technology out there to enhance communication. If you have a Zoom account, you can see each other as you are talking. There are many great ways to hear and see each other even over long distances; use them to your advantage and have fun.

Do little things

Another great puzzle of coping with the horrors of a long-distance relationship is to do the little things. When you guys are meeting, you should be doing simple little things like bringing flowers, etc. You can still do these same things when you are in a long-distance. There is basically no limit to what you can find to be delivered anywhere you want, be it candy, flowers, jewelry, etc. And don’t be scared to go to a little old school. Write handwritten love letters and send them on a monthly basis. Or take the photos you have and turn them into a book using one of the many tools that will create single books. Just keep in mind what you love about the other individual and find beautiful ways of expressing it and reminding them of the feeling they give you.


Sometimes when you are not with your loved one, you can tend to want to sit around and mope. You start believing, if I can’t be with the one I love, why should I do anything. This is the wrong attitude to take. Since you are in a long-distance, use the time you would have spent with your loved one to do other stuff. It can be getting in shape, hanging out with friends, etc. It can also be the ideal time to learn something new that will intensify your relationship. Learn to play the guitar or the piano, or learn to sing, etc. You will be thinking of your loved one while keeping busy and magnifying the time you are together all at the same time.

Plan your meetings

And the last tip to guaranteeing that you cope with the depression of long-distance relationships is to know when the distance part will end. It is less significant how long it will be until you are together next and more vital that you know that you will be together again. So please choose a date in the future and plan for it. Ensure you both put it in your calendars and book all the needed buses/flights, etc. If you end up seeing each other before this proposed date, then even better, but at least you know you will meet each other. Hope helps.

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