How to Convince Someone to Go to Rehab


Convincing someone you know to get professional help with their addiction is not often as easy as reaching out to them. It can be a matter of great sensitivity that should be handled delicately. Doing otherwise would likely cause more harm than benefit. 

You’ll find that your loved one perhaps does not recognize that there is a problem but yet they are unable to willingly put a stop to substance use. 

So then, how do you proceed? How do you get through to your loved one? How will you convince them to seek professional help with their addiction from a rehab facility? If you’re looking for a rehab centre that puts your loved one’s health and wellbeing at the top of its priority list, then check out The Edge Treatment.

Below is a list of tips that can help you approach the subject strategically but with compassion so you can get someone you care for the help they need.  

1. Learn More About Drug Addiction

Before approaching someone about rehab, it’s best to grow your awareness around the topic of drug abuse and addiction. You want to approach the conversation bearing as much valuable information as you can. 

Start by learning the signs of drug abuse and its dangers. Attend a support group, talk to addiction specialists, and read some literature on the topic. This will help you answer any queries your loved one may have. 

2. Look up a Viable Drug Rehab Center

Doing some research on potential rehab facilities will help solidify your case for drug rehab. Try and look up what happens in a drug rehab center and what your loved one can expect from the program. 

This will help break down any concerns or worries your loved one may have regarding rehab. 

3. Create a Safe Space for Dialogue

Dialogue is perhaps the strongest tool you have in convincing a loved one to go to rehab. As such, it’s highly critical that you use it effectively. 

Make sure that you’re in a quiet and private environment. You are free to invite other friends or family members but restrict the numbers to those who share a very strong relationship with the addict for the sake of discretion. 

Bear in mind that the intervention may provoke a hostile reaction from them and they may be defensive about the entire issue. As such, try to exercise patience and let them know that you’re worried about their prevalent substance use. 

Make sure they understand that you simply want to be there for them and that you offer your unconditional support. 
Exercise Patient and Understanding to Get Positive Results

Acknowledging that addiction is a disease is very important if you want to help your loved one. 

Addiction can be highly destructive and can destroy a person before they even realize that it’s beyond their control. The most viable solution to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction treatment is to get professional help from a drug rehab center. 

Inform yourself about the issue of drug abuse before reaching out. When you do spark the conversion, make sure you’ve chosen a time when your loved one is not busy and can be approached. But most important of all, ensure that they’re sober. 

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