How To Choose Chairs For Your Restaurant


Choosing the chairs for your restaurant is very important and should be thought about for some time before making any decisions. It should be this way because there are several factors that you need to keep in mind when buying any kind of furniture for your restaurant. 

Since they will be being used constantly, you need to make sure your chairs are sturdy, durable, but also comfortable. Buying chairs with these qualities is essential because you want to ensure that they will last for a long time. Additionally, you want to make sure that the customer has an enjoyable experience and is comfortable in your restaurant.  Chairs that have these characteristics are usually high-quality and are made from either wood or metal. Both of these materials are ideal to have for your restaurant chairs, but there are pros and cons to both. Here are some highlighted advantages and disadvantages to both of these materials used to make a chair for restaurants


  • Wood: Between wood and metal, wood is the more commonly used material for restaurant furniture, mostly because of its aesthetics and its comfort level. Since it’s a natural material, it’s also easy to get in bulk and it can come in many different styles and colors.

While there are a lot of pros for wood, there are still some disadvantages to having it furnish your restaurant. The most obvious downside is the price. Even though wood is an easy resource to get, it’s heavy and therefore expensive. If you want to have wood, be sure that your budget allows for it. 

  • Metal: Even though it’s not always as stylish as wood, it’s definitely more affordable. It’s lightweight and can last for many years. Another bonus of metal, is that you can use it to furnish both the inside and outside of your restaurant, that is, if you have a patio. 

The cons of metal furniture are mostly due to weathering. While wooden chairs aren’t completely waterproof, they can handle water to a certain degree. Even then, they simply get discolored. Metal, on the other hand, can be completely ruined by weather. Regardless of the quality, all metal rusts after some time, so if you buy metal furniture, be sure to properly care for it. 

After you decide on your material, you can then decide the style of chair you want. There are many different styles available for restaurant chairs. Some have higher levels of comfort, while others are more stylish. Here are two options that provide both high levels of style and comfort. 

Chair Styles: 

  • Armchairs: These are a classic style that many restaurant owners choose for their restaurants. They come in a variety of styles and materials, so you can easily find something to fit into your restaurant. Whether they’re upholstered or plain, they’re comfortable and customers enjoy sitting in them. 
  • Booths: Another classic restaurant chair that is very popular is the booth. Booths are the epitome of comfort and style and are always in high demand. You can upholster booths with different materials, which makes them adaptable to lots of styles. Or you can simply leave them plain. However, since most booths usually have cushions on them, they’re extremely comfortable and a customer favorite. 

Whichever material and style combination you choose, your restaurant’s chairs will be sure to last for a long time, no matter how much they get used. Once you decide which combination to go with, be sure to have a look around to find the best chair that’s in your budget. Even if you spend a little more than you budgeted for, buying good-quality, long-lasting chairs will still help you save money in the long run

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